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  • AFKgiants - [FREE] Moss/Hill Giant Killer


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    How do most people train combat skills? They AFK!
    AFKs by aggressive giants - Less clicks = Less bans!




    - Resets aggression timer every 10 minutes

    - Loots all valuable drops (seeds and keys)

    - Bury bones mode

    - Adjustable eat threshold (% HP)

    - Works with most common foods

    - Checks bank for brass key if not in inventory (for hill giant mode)

    - Track EXP gained for all combat skills (if it's not showing up, restart the script while logged in)

    - If giants get stuck and player is out of combat for ~20 seconds, will attack nearest available giant

    - Hide the on-screen GUI by clicking the X in top left

    SET UP:



    • AFKgiants defaults to moss giants in Varrock Sewers
    • Start with food in your bank + brass key (if using Hill Giant Mode)
    • For moss giants, bring a slash weapon to cut spider web!

    1. Select food type
    2. Select how much food to withdraw from bank
    3. Select when to eat food
    4. (Optional) Select Hill Giant mode or Bury Bones mode
    5. Start!




    Hill giants = lvl 28
    Moss giants = lvl42

    Min. recommended combat level: 30
    Armor: at least full black set, mithril or higher much better
    Weapon: at least mithril scimitar

    Higher def/better armor = longer AFK, less banking/eating!



    --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <--
    Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions!


    Comments appreciate  to help me improve the script!
    Thanks for using AFKgiants

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    Howdy, I like the script so far, does everything u described it will do. 

    For future updates I would love to see bot using special attack, like just click it once in that 10min period. 

    Also did notice it doesnt loot the valuable herbs, (ranarr, lantadyne etc) eq ranarr is almost 10k at GE so would be nice to see it looting the valuable herbs.


    Some edit to here, noticed that If the break time is at the same time afk time is, then the giants wont attack u after the break time, I had to move the bot just an inch and it was all good again. So that would be something to look into.

    Other than that, great script, was looking something like this, was so close at making one myself, but u did save me the time :)

    Edited by darter89
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    Hi, I have been using this script at Hill Giant for a few days now and I noticed that sometime it get stuck near the stairs without going up when moving to the bank. Not sure why this is happening.

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    Awesome script, but I hope that it can automatically select one of the nearby giant or move to another location within the map when the giant isn't aggressive anymore.

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