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    1. Hi, would it be possible to add a function that allow user to select the use of "Ring of forging" when smithing iron bar please? Especially one that auto wield once the ring melted after 140 charges. Thanks in advance.
    2. Awesome script, but I hope that it can automatically select one of the nearby giant or move to another location within the map when the giant isn't aggressive anymore.
    3. Awesome script, been using it for quite a while now, works the way I like it. I just hope that the banking function will be back soon.
    4. So i was cooking tuna, and the "Food Cooked" counter is actually counting the number of burnt tuna instead of cooked tuna. Edit: Same goes for Lobster too.
    5. Karamja option does not support banking. It just stand at the spot and afk once the inventory is filled up. Is Stiles removed from the game, hence leading to this problem? Problem solved. Did not bring coins at first, hence it could not continue to take the boat back to deposit. Once coins are carried, the script work like a charm. Thank you!
    6. Hi, I have been using this script at Hill Giant for a few days now and I noticed that sometime it get stuck near the stairs without going up when moving to the bank. Not sure why this is happening.
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