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  • 👑Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite👑 | All 23 skills in one script | 86 Quests | 12 Minigames | 19 Money making methods | Smart Desktop & Discord Notifications | Customised profiles |


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    | All 23 skills in one script | 86 Quests (F2P/P2P) | 12 Minigames | 19 Money making methods | Smart Desktop & Discord Notifications | Customised profiles |


    ONLY $109,95 Lifetime for around $300 worth of scripts.

    Grab a free trial now:




    There is #Faq on bans in my discord. Please read that. Happy botting :) 

    Join the Dreamy Scripts Discord and get notified on updates/new releases!


    Welcome to Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite,


    This script contains 23 skills in one script, 12 minigames,19 amazing money making methods AND 86 quests.

    Please read all below to understand why this script is so awesome :) 


    The following scripts are included:

    • Woodcutting
    • Fishing
    • Mining
    • Cooking
    • Fletching
    • Smithing
    • Crafting 
    • Herblore 
    • Thieving 
    • RuneCrafting
    • Prayer
    • Construction
    • Firemaking
    • Agility
    • Magic
    • Attack
    • Strength
    • Defence
    • Hitpoints
    • Ranged
    • Sand/Rock & Ammonite Crabs.
    • Hunting
    • Farming
    • Slayer
    • Questing (See below for the currently added quests)
    • Minigames (See below for the currently added minigames)
    • Money making(See below for the currently added money making methods)


    How to setup discord notifications:


    Step 1: 6bd1262489c7f8ad8db2222b164cecb0.png

    Step 2:b53665bb450badbe64401edb186031f7.png

    Step 3:e776fa482301d86e431c851eb59f5df5.png

    Step 4:1c707cd354369ae41d0469ce73c4a615.png


    Example of the discord notifications



    How to setup profiles:


    Step 1:

    Fill in your settings and click Save profile.



    Step 2:

    Save your file as ".json".


    Step 3:

    Click load profile or use CLI.


    start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy AIO Skiller" -params "prayer" "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy AIO Skiller\settings.json"


    Two params are needed:

    1) Script param.

    • Woodcutting
    • Prayer
    • Smithing
    • Mining
    • Thieving
    • Construction
    • Firemaking
    • Fishing
    • Fletching
    • Runecrafting
    • Cooking
    • Agility
    • Fighter

    2) .json path.

    Dreamy Woodcutting 

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • Bank logs.
    • Powerchopping (Drops logs).
    • Bird nest support.
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.

    Dreamy Fishing

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • Bank fish.
    • Powerfishing(Drops fish)(won't drop fishing supplies).
    • Stop settings at X level reached.
    • Human behavior.

    Dreamy Mining

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • Bank ores.
    • Powermining(Drops ores)(won't drop mining supplies).
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.
    • Worldhopping if no ores are available.
    • Can mine gems at shilo village!


    Dreamy Cooking

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • All fish supported.
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.


    Dreamy Fletching

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • Make darts.
    • Make bows.
    • String bows.
    • Make bolts.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.
    • Human behavior.


    Dreamy Smithing

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • All bars.
    • Smelting supported.
    • Smihing supported.
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.
    • F2P worlds supported, will auto-detect if you're in p2p/f2p world.



    Dreamy Crafting

    • Any location in OSRS is included.
    • Any leather / d'hide.
    • Bowstring / Whool.
    • All gems cutting.
    • All battlestaffs
    • All jewellery
    • All glassblowing
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.


    Dreamy Herblore

    • Cleaning ALL herbs.
    • Make ALL potions.
    • Make ALL unf potions.
    • Smart inventory clicking( Vertical / Horizontal / Line )
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings.


    Dreamy Thieving

    • Pickpocketing( Automatically coin pack opening).
    • Steal from stalls supported.
    • Smart safe spot system while stealing from stalls.
    • customized eating(food,amount,eat at hp).
    • Smart banking supported.
    • Human behavior.
    • Dodgy necklaces.
    • Stop settings.


    Dreamy Runecrafting

    • All normal altars supported.
    • Ring of dueling(8) teleport method supported for fire runes.
    • Energy/stamina/antidote++ potions supported.
    • Choose between rune or pure essence.
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.
    • Progressive mode.
    • Pouches (in progress)
    • Grand exchange supported, will buy more essence automatically. Please have enough gold in your bank.

    Dreamy Prayer

    • All bones are supported.
    • Gilded altar support.
    • Own house support.
    • Friend's house support.
    • Phails unnoting supported ( Currently the only banking option )
    • Normal burying bones.
    • Human behavior.
    • Stop settings for friend's house, Out of bones using phails method.
    • Stop settings at X level reached.


    Dreamy Construction:

    • Trains construction at Rimmington.
    • Uses "Phials" unnote service.
    • Stop settings (Level, Time run & out of planks).



    • Crude wooden chairs
    • Crude wooden bookcase
    • Oak larder
    • Oak kitchen table
    • Oak chair
    • Oak arm chair
    • Oak table
    • Teak chair
    • Teak arm chair
    • Teak table
    • Mahogany table


    Dreamy Firemaking:

    • All logs supported.
    • Custom locations.
    • Preset locations.
    • Progressive mode. 
    • Stop settings.
    • Human behavior.

    Dreamy Agility:

    • Start at the course area.
    • Banking supported(Food / stamina's)
    • Progressive mode works from Gnome -> Seers.
    • Stamina is supported, Will log out and stop if out of stamina's.
    • Stop settings if lap count is reached / level.
    • Change the client name + icon to RuneLite.
    • Profiles / Quickstarting!
    • Banking.

    Dreamy Magic:

    • Teleporting
    • Alching
    • Stringing jewellery
    • Humidify
    • Planking
    • Splashing
    • Superheating
    • Stop settings ( Automatically stop the script if no items are left in the bank )

    Dreamy AIO Fighter:

    • Attack almost every NPC(s)
    • Multi attacking.
    • Automatic looting table.
    • Potions supported.
    • Banking supported.
    • Custom area's.
    • Custom looting.
    • Loot all items over X gp.
    • Special attack supported.
    • Bury bones supported.
    • Quick prayer supported.
    • Much much more.

    Dreamy Crabs:

    • Able to kill Sand crabs/rock crabs.
    • Banking supported.
    • Food supported.
    • Potions supported.
    • Special attack supported.
    • Combat style switching.

    Dreamy Quester:

    • Currently 86 quests supported.
    • IR friendly for most f2p quests(Script will gather items).
    • Quests queue supported.
    • Discord notification's when a quest is completed.
    • Start the script with 150k in your bank or else the script can't use the G.E.

    Quests supported:

    1. Tutorial Island
    2. Cook's Assistant
    3. Rune mysteries
    4. Romeo & Juliet
    5. Sheep Shearer
    6. The Restless Ghost
    7. Ernest The Chicken
    8. Vampire slayer
    9. Goblin Diplomacy
    10. Imp catcher
    11. Witch's Potion
    12. Doric's quest.
    13. Pirate's Treasure
    14. X Marks the Spot
    15. Black Knights' Fortress
    16. Monk's Friend
    17. Druidic Ritual
    18. Fishing Contest
    19. Sea Slug
    20. Lost City
    21. Witch's House
    22. Death plateau
    23. Gertrude's Cat
    24. Clock Tower
    25. Jungle Potion
    26. Dwarf Cannon
    27. Fight Arena
    28. Murder Mystery
    29. Hazeel Cult
    30. Priest in Peril
    31. Waterfall Quest
    32. Tree Gnome Village
    33. Animal Magnetism
    34. Plague City
    35. Big Chompy Bird Hunting
    36. Elemental Workshop
    37. Enter the Abyss
    38. Skippy and the Mogres
    39. Daddy's Home
    40. Rfd Cook
    41. Rfd Dwarf
    42. Rfd Goblin
    43. Rfd Lumbridge Guide
    44. Biohazard
    45. Nature spirit
    46. The grand Tree
    47. Tribal Totem
    48. The Golem
    49. Troll Stronghold
    50. Shades of Mort'on.
    51. The Feud.
    52. Client Of Kourend
    53. Prince Ali Rescue
    54. Demon Slayer
    55. Dragon Slayer I
    56. The Knight's Sword
    57. The Dig Site
    58. A Porcine Of Interest
    59. Making History
    60. Getting Ahead
    61. Below Ice Mountain
    62. Temple of Eye
    63. What lies below
    64. Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl
    65. Tears of Guthix
    66. The Queen of Thieves
    67. Horror from the Deep
    68. Scorpion Catcher
    69. Varrock Diary Easy
    70. Lumbridge Diary Easy
    71. Falador Diary Easy
    72. Ardougne Diary Easy
    73. Karamja Diary Easy
    74. Wildy Diary Easy
    75. Natural Museum Quiz
    76. Corsair Curse
    77. Creature of Fenkenstrain
    78. Shield of Arrav
    79. Merlin's Crystal
    80. Holy Grail
    81. The Hand in the Sand
    82. Shadow of the Storm
    83. Temple of Ikov
    84. Observatory Quest
    85. The Lost Tribe
    86. Mage Arena I

    The following minigames are added:

    1. Dreamy Pest Control.(Start at the Pest control bank)
    2. Dreamy Blast Furnace.(Start at the blast furnace bank)
    3. Dreamy Ranged Guild.(Start at the Ranged Guild)
    4. Dreamy Castle Wars.(Start at Castle Wars)
    5. Dreamy Nightmarezone.(Start at the yanille bank/nmz area.
    6. Dreamy Wintertodt.(Start at the wintertodt bank)
    7. Dreamy Tempoross.(Start at the tempoross minigame)
    8. Dreamy Trawlers.(Start at the trawler minigame)
    9. Dreamy Motherlode mining(Start at the motherlode mine)
    10. Dreamy Chompy(Start at castle wars bank with Ogre bellows in your inventory).
    11. Dreamy Mahogany Homes (Items required: Varrock teleport tabs,falador teleport tabs, ardougne teleport tabs,skills necklace,planks,saw and hammer)
    12. Dreamy Defenders.


    Dreamy Money making:

    • Air orbs (Start in edgeville with glory(6) and supplies in your bank).
    • Tab Maker(Start at the castle wars bank or your house with the required items).
    • Tanner: Start at Al-kharid bank with coins in your inventory.
    • Plank maker: Start in varrock east bank with coins in your inventory.
    • Plank collector: Start at Barbarian outpost.
    • Enchanter: Start at any bank with cosmic runes in your inventory and required staff for the spell.
    • Cannonballer: Start at Edgeville with mould in your inventory.
    • Climbing boots collector: Start at Start at Barbarian outpost with coins in your inventory and games necklace(8) in bank.
    • Item combiner: Start at any bank with required items in the bank.
    • Bow stringer: Start at Lumbridge bank with flax in your inventory or bank.
    • Shopper: Start with shop open at ANY location.
    • Winegrabber: Start at falador with law & water runes in inventory(Air staff equipped).
    • Spider's eggs collector (Start at Ferox enclave with duel rings & skills necklace in your bank, this script NEED atleast 43 prayer).


    Dreamy Hunting:

    • Falconry.

    Dreamy Farming:

    • Tithe farming minigame (Currently 8 rows added, more coming later.).


    Dreamy Slayer:



    • All Mazchna tasks.
    • Anti-potions support.
    • Item finisher.
    • Will use different teleports.
    • Stop script when run out of items.

    Items needed:

    • Waterskins(4)
    • Food
    • Lumbridge teletabs
    • Camelot teletabs
    • Varrock teletabs
    • Salve graveyard teletab
    • Coins
    • Lit candle lantern
    • Spiny helmet
    • Necklace of passage
    • Earmuffs
    • Insulated boots
    • Mirror shield
    • Mort'on teletab
    • Bag of salt
    • Icecooler

    NPC list

    • Banshee
    • Bat
    • Bear
    • Catablepon
    • Cave bug
    • Cave crawler
    • Cave slime
    • Cockatrice
    • Crawling Hand
    • Desert lizard
    • Dogs
    • Earth warrior(Warning: WILDY TASK, block this if you do not want the script to do this task)
    • Flesh crawler
    • Ghost
    • Ghoul
    • Hill Giant
    • Ice warrior
    • Kalphites
    • Killerwatt
    • Mogres
    • Pyrefiend
    • Rockslug
    • Scorpion
    • Vampyre
    • Wall Beast
    • Wolf
    • Zombie
    • Hobgoblins
    • Shade
    • Skeleton


    Note: Please make sure you have atleast more then 10+ salve graveyard teletabs in your inventory and the slayer Enchanted gem)



    Dreamy Spidines:

    Start the script at Port kharard bank.


    • Kill spidines in tower of life.
    • Stop script when run out of items.

    Items needed:

    • Raw sardine.
    • Red spiders's eggs.
    • Food.


    Dreamy Scarabs


    Start the script at the Sophanem Dungeon bank. This script will need a bullseye lantern for the cave.


    • Customised food / Eat at %.
    • Customised looting.
    • Potion support(Range/prayer/super combat).
    • Special attack.
    • Multiple scarab locations(2 spots/1 spots).
    • Stop settings.

    Dreamy Druids


    Start the script at any bank.


    • Customised food.
    • Customised looting.
    • Potion support(Range/prayer/super combat).
    • Special attack.
    • Multiple Chaos Druids locations(Edgeville, Falador & Ardougne).
    • Stop settings.

    Dreamy Monk robe collector


    Start the script anywhere with atleast 31 prayer.


    • Collects monk robes in Edgeville.


    Dreamy Cadava Collector


    Start the script anywhere.


    • Collects cadava berries in varrock.













    2222.png@120 hours f2p runecrafting by @W199

    unknown.png 70 Hours of woodcutting in F2P without breaks by @Spider


    IMG_1094.png @maxm




























































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    • Zawy changed the title to 👑Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite👑 | 20 skills in one script | Quests (F2P/P2P) | 9 Minigames | Smart Desktop & Discord Notifications | Customised profiles |
    5 hours ago, ghostsaint16 said:

    Besides more quests, what's added on from your "Dreamy AIO Skiller"?


    9 more minigames.

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    Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v4.481 and is available in the client!

    • Added new minigame: motherlode mining.
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    • Zawy changed the title to 👑Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite👑 | All 23 skills in one script | 30 Quests (F2P/P2P) | 10 Minigames | 15 Money making methods | Smart Desktop & Discord Notifications | Customised profiles |
    • Zawy changed the title to 👑Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite👑 | All 23 skills in one script | 86 Quests | 12 Minigames | 19 Money making methods | Smart Desktop & Discord Notifications | Customised profiles |

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