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  • DreamBot & Linux [Tutorial]


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    Installing Java

    1) Read this guide: http://askubuntu.com...-uninstall-java and remove Java (if you have any installed)

    2) Open up Terminal (You can do ctrl+alt+t) to open it up (if you don't know what it is)

    3) Okay, so now you need to add the PPA for Java

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java

    4) Now update 

    sudo apt-get update

    5) Now finally install Java

    sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

    6) After Java 8 has been installed, we need to set the Java variables

    sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-set-default

    This will set the java environment variables automatically. 

    7) So now we need to make sure Java 8 has installed

    java -version

    You should get an output like this



    Downloading DreamBot

    1) Please download DreamBot

    You can find the link to download DreamBot via the navigation bar located at the top of the forum


    Where it says "Download" Please click that ;)


    2) Locate DreamBotLauncher.jar > Should be located in your /Downloads folder if that's your default download location


    3) Move the file to your Desktop.


    Running DreamBot

    1) Now you need to execute DreamBots .jar file. You can do this via terminal.

    With Terminal still open use this command

    cd /path/to/.jar

    to direct terminal to the location of your .jar file. Where it says /path/to/ you need to change this to the location. For example, mine would be 

    cd /home/zac/desktop/dreambot 

    2) Once you've located the .jar file, run this command

    chmod u+x DreamBotLauncher.jar  

    3) Now you should be able to run the client. 



    Use this command below to run the .jar via Terminal

    java -jar DreamBotLauncher.jar


    Red Hat/CentOS




    Arch Linux



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    With most servers being Linux, a lot of users might need this. I pinned your tutorial. Nice work :-)


    Thankyou :)


    I'm going to add a guide for Arch linux users and possibly Redhat aswell.

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    for RHEL  based destributions (centos/fedora, doubt anyone here would use redhat as it's paid) you just have to download the rpm from java's site and do

    rpm -ivh jre*.rpm

    then launch the jar with java -jar command

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