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    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to introduce myself as I plan on showing face in the forums pretty frequently. I'm a software engineer by trade and plan on using this to my advantage in the coming months as I start my boting adventure. My goal is to make a bot farm that is as hands off as i can possibly make it. I'll be publishing all my infrastructure code to GitHub so if that's something that interests people I can make a separate GitHub profile strictly for boting related code so its easier to share/sell  depending on how much interest there is. 

    Infrastructure Goals By Month One: 

    • boilerplate bot project for quickly standing up bots
    • proxy system
    • Error/Problem detection (I have no fucking idea lol)
    • Remote Bot Monitoring System
      • Express Web Server
      • React Frontend
      • Java Class for reporting stats to web server
    • CLI System for bot management
      • start bots
      • stop bot

    I'll probably make a thread in the goals section for tracking the progress of everything including gold farm profits. I am aiming for 1M a day for a week straight without touching a thing by the end of one month (this doesn't mean i'll be nonstop boting). Also, I haven't actually played Runescape in a long time, So once a few of my scripts are out there and available to confirm i'm not a complete idiot i'd be super willing to trade scripts for money making methods. Right now my dumb ass is suicide filling water buckets for like 40K/HR lol.

    That's it for now, Looking forward to getting to know the community and making some sweet shit.

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    Welcome to the community! Very interested in "watching" the progress of your bot farm, Best of luck to you!

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    49 minutes ago, PhilBox said:

    Welcome to the community! Very interested in "watching" the progress of your bot farm, Best of luck to you!

    Thanks boss! I'll Link the progress thread here when I make it.

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    18 hours ago, yeeter01 said:


    Also for template/boiler plate checkout my GitHub or some of the templates on the forums.


    Hey Their,

    I already picked up your maven config to save me time. So thanks for that! I really like the look of your AIO-AIO project. I already am kind of working on my own framework like that. Ill post that bitch on GitHub once I get it a bit more flushed out. I'll be interested to see where we differ. Cant wait for my code to be flamed by everyone on the forum lol.

    Nice to meet ya!

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