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  • Bun Automation Tool [DB3] [Script Queue] [Muling] [Account Swapping] [Bonding] [Loadouts] [GE Restocking] [Progressively Level with Multiple Scripts]


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    The ultimate tool for goldfarming and account training.

    Available on the SDN, purchase it by clicking here


    Automate Anything, And Everything

    PSA: For "Run Script" tasks to work properly you need to be a VIP on DreamBot to have access to the QuickStart feature.

    The Task Tree

    Automation Tool allows you to chain tasks together under specific conditions, enabling to automate your goldfarming process, or progressively level an account across multiple scripts.

    This tool can do:

    • Script queueing
    • Muling
    • Account swapping
    • Bonding (purchase AND redeem)
    • Restocking
    • Buying/Selling 
    • Loadouts
    • World hopping
    • ...and more! For a full list of tasks, see below


    Script Queueing

    Scripts can be run under specific conditions, and stopped when certain goals are met or a certain amount of time has elapsed.


    Automated Muling, For Any Script

    Enables you to have muling in any script under conditions you set, when paired with the free Bun Mule script.


    Supported Tasks (24)


    - Run Script (VIP is required to enter QuickStart args) -

    - Travel to Tile -

    - Travel to Area -

    - Travel to Location -

    - Bank -

    - Loadout -

    - Bond -

    - Mule -

    - Supply Item Set -

    - Supply Loadout -

    - Buy Item (Grand Exchange) -

    - Sell Item (Grand Exchange) -

    - Sell Item Set (Grand Exchange) -

    - Sell Loadout (Grand Exchange) -

    - Change Options (Resizeable, Accept Aid, Shift Drop, etc.) -

    - Change Advanced Options (Hide Roofs, etc.) -

    - Hop World -

    - Hop World (Random) -

    - Take Break -

    - Set Property/Tag for Account -

    - Swap Account -

    - Stop -


    Supported Start/Stop Conditions (36)


    - Total Runtime -

    - Total Playtime -

    - Total Level -

    - Combat Level -

    - Level -

    - Has Item -

    - Has Item Set -

    - Has Loadout -

    - Has House - 

    - Has Finished Quest (F2P) -

    - Has Finished Quest (P2P) -

    - Has Ran Task X Times -

    - Has Tag/Property - 

    - Time Since Tag/Property Set -

    - Time Since Bank Cache -

    - Runtime -

    - XP Gained -

    - XP Ticks -

    - Levels Gained -

    - In Tile -

    - In Area -

    - In Location -

    - In World -

    - Is Account -

    - Is Logged In -

    - Is Member -

    - Is In Combat -

    - Is In Wilderness -

    - Is Inventory Full -

    - Should Start/Stop Task -

    - Chance -


    Item Sets

    Features an item set system. Tasks often require items, with item sets it's easy to setup the requirements for your scripts.

    • Can acquire items from the Grand Exchange, shops, and even ground spawns!



    Features an advanced and flexible loadout system, enabling you to easily tailor loadouts for any task.

    • Minimum and maximum quantities for each item in the loadout can be specified
    • Items can also be set as optional, which also means crucial items are prioritized over it when acquiring items
    • Limited use items such as teleport jewelry and potions are recognized, and minimum uses can be specified


    Grand Exchange Support

    Features robust Grand Exchange support.

    • Automatically buy/sell items
    • Customizable buy/sell prices
    • Supports realtime price updates from OSBuddy


    Intelligent Traversal

    Features an intelligent traversal system that gets you where you need to go, wherever you are!

    • Enhances webwalking
    • Uses teleports on player or in bank for most optimal route to destination



    Features alternate mouse algorithms to make the behaviour of scripts more human-like.

    • Partial integration with Chameleon™ will be available soon, providing human mouse paths from the Chameleon Cloud™ in any script








    GNDb5Mi.png nxGcLve.png 



    $14.99 + $9.99/month (Monthly)


    $49.99 (Lifetime)



    Trial durations have been extended

    To receive a 24 hour trial, request it in my discord and like or upvote the post!




    How to use QuickStart:

    1. Add this to your launch args: -params config=name
    2. Replace name with the filename of the desired config





    • Added toggle for whether or not to withdraw items when muling
    • Fixed minor issues with muling


    • Fixed minor issues with muling


    • Added request items option in 'Mule' task
    • Added 'Locations' tab
    • Added 'In Location' condition
    • Added 'In World' condition
    • Added 'Travel to Location' task
    • Added 'Thessalia's Fine Clothes' item supplier
    • Improvements to Smart Traversal and walking logic
    • Suppliers can now be reordered in 'Supply Item Set' and 'Supply Loadout' tasks


    • Fixed issue where 'Total Runtime' and 'Total Playtime' conditions were not working


    • Improvements to account data tracking
    • Fixed issue where 'Ran Task' and 'Ran This Task' conditions were not working
    • Fixed issue where break solver could get stuck


    • Fixed issue where 'Supply Item Set' task did not operate as intended


    • Tweaked 'Mule' task to always check bank rather than relying on cache


    • Fixed issue where 'Supply Item Set', 'Mule', and 'Stop' task did not save correctly, corrupting the config file
    • Fixed issue where it could get stuck trying to fulfil a loadout 


    • Added 'Is Account' condition
    • Added 'Chance' condition
    • Tweaked 'GE Sell' task panel
    • Fixed issue where 'GE Sell' task was not flexible in quantity


    • Added more data to Smart Traversal
    • Added 'Is Logged In' condition
    • Tweaked 'Mule' task panel to be more intuitive


    • Early Access Initial Release



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