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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java installed
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DreamBot 3 Public Beta: Meme No Longer

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18 hours ago, dQw4w9WgXcQ said:

why does it crash when i launch it

I'm not sure, are there any log files in C:/Users/YOURNAME/DreamBot/Logs/?

18 hours ago, Yattas said:

I'm running into the issue of it being too laggy to even login to my osrs account, even after configuring every setting I can possibly work with.  Running on a mac, DB2 still works like a charm though.

I'll try to look into that today.

15 hours ago, holic said:

Awesome, the new UI looks great! I can't currently run any scripts, they all seem to lock up DB but I imagine it's because they're all written for DB2 so no sweat.

On that note, are there javadocs for DB3 online yet? I would love to try writing a DB3 script and see what the new version is capable of. The "Help" links don't work currently so I'm not certain if they're available yet.

Which scripts in particular? I can take a look and see if it's a script issue or a client issue.

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5 hours ago, Guest dog said:

so this is just a new ui lol

Why are you posting from a guest account :O

But no, internally it's fairly refactored, tons of cleanup, and changes touching pretty every part of the client. API is also static now, with performance improvements everywhere :)

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2 hours ago, UberJason said:

Can you currently only run one client at a time now w/o VIP? I apparently need to stop the currently running script to switch to another account. 

Free users should be able to use 2 clients, if you only have one open and it's saying you're out of instances, try waiting a minute or two and try again :)

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