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    Hello everyone!

    It's been about one year and a half since we introduced a new Java competency test for scripter+ applicants. We've recently taken a look at the fail:pass ratio , and found out only 8.5% of applicants are passing. The test at this point is just gatekeeping the rank to a way further extent than we'd like.

    As of today, we're changing the way you apply for Scripter+. Although the new procedure has more steps, we're confident that this will be a better way to find the potential talented out there. The test was - for many - too stressful which made them underperform.

    The new trajectory will be as follows:

    1) User makes a free script (or multiple), gets the scripter rank.

    2) User can apply after one week. In your application, you'll submit one of your released scripts for evaluation. 

    3) At least one developer and the administrator will evaluate your script. Below you'll find the list of the most important criteria:

    - Demonstration of a design pattern other than procedural code/states
    - Correct use of access modifiers
    - Correct use of db's api (think of returntypes like interact)
    - Use of polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction where applicable
    - Correct use of lambda's, avoid anonymous objects
    - Correct naming conventions
    - Medium complexity of script (not only db api calls, but own solving logic) e.g: chicken killers don't qualify
    - Consistent and correct control flow (e.g loops, ternary, etc)
    - Show knowledge of collections
    - Avoidance of recursion and/or while loops
    - Handling nulls correctly (eg. Not just catching the NPE)
    - Avoid use of magic numbers
    - Avoid random helper methods where not appropriate
    - Correct use of data structures (like enumerations) where applicable

    4) If your script passes evaluation, you're promoted to a new rank: Trial Scripter+. They're given no extra perks compared to regular scripters, and they are NOT officially endorsed by Dreambot for private scripting. 

    5) You have a time window of two weeks to work on a premium script. Again, when you submit your script, we'll take a look at the code quite thoroughly before slingshotting you to Scripter+ stardom. Again, we'll be taking the list of criteria as our baseline.

    Please note: During the two weeks that you're writing your premium script, you have the option of talking to me or Hashtag once a week for feedback on code. We might also give you ideas on what features you could add to make it really "premium". We may extend your trial period as we see fit.


    We're still looking at additional perks we'd like to introduce to the illustrious Scripter++ rank to incentivize our scripter+'s to step up. Things like unlimited stickied script threads, unlimited botslots,... However, this is still up in the air. For Scripter++ applications, the test method remains for now.

    Thank you!

    The Dream Team

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    Just now, yeeter01 said:

    I approve of these changes, see you in 5 months when I can take it again kek.

    Did you even read the announcement? The test = gone.

    Jeez, and you're surprised that you get yeeted on in the announcement section...

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    1 minute ago, Articron said:

    Did you even read the announcement? The test = gone.

    Jeez, and you're surprised that you get yeeted on in the announcement section...

    Yeah but I still can't do the above until my current contract is expired.  So again with see you in 5 months to reattempt obtaining s+ when I can. 

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    • 3 weeks later...
    On 4/12/2020 at 2:37 AM, noCap said:

    This is really dope! Hopefully we will see some new scripters soon :)

    doubt it

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