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    Hello Everyone!

    Here I answer a couple questions newcomers always ask! Enjoy!


    1) What is AntiBan/AntiPattern?

    It's a technique some scripters follow to make scripts not follow a linear and logical pattern. How? We add in features like Human-like breaks, Camera Movement, Examining Entities/Objects, Random Path Taking, Click-through banking.


    2) Does AntiBan/AntiPattern prevent bans/locks?

    No, botting will inevitably get you banned (The question is when): Depending on how unique the Anti-Pattern and effectiveness, those systems can extend the longevity of your bot's life.


    3)  How can I prevent getting banned?

    Don't bot.


    4) My accounts are getting banned/locked after Tutorial Island!!! Why is this happening?!!

    This could be because of a couple of reasons but mainly it is caused by the IP you're using to be flagged. (Most probable reason)

    Other reasons:

    • The Script that was used to complete tutorial island is overused &/OR non-quality, so its pattern is detected by Jagex. (Uncommon)
    • Account was created on another IP Address (Rare Reason)
    • Switching devices spontaneously (Common)


    5) If I bot on my Home IP could I get my IP Address Flagged?

    Yes & No, It depends on the nature of your botting! Let's compare 2 situations: 

    (Highly Unlikely, Unlikely, Likely, Highly Likely) to get flagged

    - Guy A: Bots 10 accounts safely for 10 hours a day with Break Rules set during Jagex Off-hours and Weekends.

    - Guy B: Bots 10 accounts safely for 10 hours a day with Break Rules set during Jagex Off-hours, Lightly on Work-hours, and Weekends.

    - Guy C : Bots 50+ accounts in suicide manner with no Breaks during all times.

    - Guy D : Bots 10 accounts in a suicide manner with no breaks during all times & gets accounts get banned frequently.

    - Guy E : Bots 50+ accounts safely 10 hours a day with Break Rules set during Jagex Off-hours, Lightly on Work-hours, and Weekends.


    6) Where do I get proxies that aren't flagged?

    No one on the forums will give you the source they get their IP Addresses from. Make Your Own OR Find an unpopular spot for Residential Proxies.


    7) What's the difference between Residential Proxy Botting & Datacenter Proxy Botting?

    The proxies that you find online for $2 - $10 are most probably Datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies are proxies set up from servers found in Datacenters. These IP Addresses come in subnets, and they are highly likely to be flagged by Jagex! Why? Jagex flags whole subnets when detecting atleast 1 of the Datacenter IPs is used for botting purposes.

    Residential Proxies are proxies set up from Residential IP Addresses. To make it simple, your Home IP is a "Residential" IP Address. Residential IPs are less common to get flagged than Datacenter IPs and the reason for this is that Jagex takes them in mind more seriously because:

    • They might Coffee Shop/University/Public IPs so the expectancy of a mass amount of bots is ok, but that doesn't stop them from flagging the IP.
    • They can't flag whole subnets of Residential IPs because that way they won't have anyone to play the game. Think about it, if they flagged a whole subnet of your ISP's IPs won't that affect everyone around you and prevent them from playing the game?
    • and many more..


    8 ) How many hours a day do I bot for?

    This question is hard to answer as you need to setup your own schedule through trial and error! Just try to use break rules and remember to mule frequently. You can take extra steps to be more safe by refraining from botting during Jagex Work Hours/Monday morning/Thursday Day Shifts.

    Jagex Time Zone: (GMT) You can check their current time here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/uk/cambridge

    Jagex Work Hours: Monday through Friday (8AM to 5PM)


    9 ) How many account do I bot?

    This is another hard question to answer as this depends on trial and error. What I recommend personally to never go over 20 accounts per IP! and if you happen to bot something crazy like bossing scripts decrease the number of bots greatly ( 3 max I would say). Also you could make account switches Example:

    - Lot A: 10 Accounts

    - Lot B: 10 Accounts

    Lot A bots for 4 hours then logs out, Lot B logs in and bots for 4 hours, repeat.


    10 ) All the accounts I had botting, got banned at the same time! Is my IP Flagged?

    Well that's called Chain-Banning and its normal in the RuneScape Botting World. Your IP is high unlikely to be flagged unless you bot like a crazy person 😛


    11 ) How do I prevent chain-banning?

    Split your accounts on several IPs, this way if accounts on IP A gets banned, IP B (was gonna make a dumb joke)  won't get affected.


    12 ) What should I bot and should that make a difference in terms of ban rates?

    This is a sensitive topic because NO ONE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO BOT, but you should know that some places have higher ban rates than others.

    Ex: Who do you think has a high ban rate? Picking Flax OR Mining Clay? Flax.

    Some of the high ban rate methods:

    Flax, Cow Killing, Cowhide Collecting, Mining iron at Varrock/Rimmington

    Should I bot at high ban rate places? You can suicide em with frequent muling! You can also bot them safely with a private or premium script!


    13 ) How do ban rates correlate with script type?

    Free Scripts: These are scripts provided for free on the Public SDN, they may be used a lot and might not be quality scripts so expect them to have high ban rates.

    Premium Scripts: These are scripts provided for a fee on the Public SDN, they may be used a lot but they are scripted by quality scripters. (Low to High risk)

    Private Scripts: These are scripts provided privately to you by a scripter off-site or on-site, they are used by you and only you BUT you may get scammed so trade at your own risk. (Low to High Risk)


    14) Do member-botting have a lower ban rate than F2P-botting?

    YES, members are less likely to get banned than F2P. Keep that Cash Cow alive Jagex 😠  



    Have another FAQ in mind? Reply and I'll answer it to my best of my knowledge.

    Have a good one guys!



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    Just now, MageArena said:
    Thank you very much for the information
    I'm trying to start my farm again

    You're most welcome dude!

    I wish you all the success you need to bring up a wonderful farm!

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    1 minute ago, depwession said:

    I respect the effort put into this (most) of your posts3.0

    Honestly, that warms my heart <3 


    1 minute ago, finalhero said:

    thanks for the guide :)

    You're most welcome :D 

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    • 3 months later...
    3 hours ago, clarkwayne said:

    what if im using a free bot, but only using it on one account in f2p. how long would i be able to keep it running? 

    No one has the answer to "How long will my bot stay alive?", you can just try to increase the lifespan of the bot by following my guide and other tips found on the forums.

    Gl on your Botting journey ;) 

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    • 2 months later...

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