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  • RuneScape Update - Client Down

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello Everyone,

    I mistakenly left my laptop at my house when I left to visit family for Thanksgiving, not realizing the next morning I'd need it at 6 am.

    RS has done a revision update today, which means all of the hooks need to be fixed, which I need my laptop to do. I'll be able to drive home in a few hours to pick it up, but until then the client will remain down. I will give updates on this thread as the day progresses.



    I started working on fixing things, but upon trying to test I realized one of our servers is down, so we'll have to wait for Pandemic to get online to fix that. I don't have an ETA for you guys on that one, especially since it's a holiday today. When I hear back from him I'll try to get you guys an update.



    Client should be updated! If you have any issues, please post them here in this thread with as much information as you can give.


    To answer a few questions that may pop up:

    No, you won't receive time back for your VIP because of this. Same with scripts.

    No, there is no way for you to run scripts until the client is fixed.

    The process to fix hooks usually takes anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours depending on what changes they've made.

    I don't want to give an inaccurate ETA, but I'd guess within a few hours from now, the client should be up.

    No, there isn't anyone else who can update the hooks.


    Thank you all, and sorry for the inconvenience.

    The Dream Team

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    Some more detail - I can hear the startup music and I ran a script that would log me in and I stopped hearing the music which means the bot works, I just cant see anything other than a black screen.

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    21 minutes ago, MageArena said:
    After Thursday's update all my suicide bots are being banned after the tutorial, any solution?

    I can assure  you that the update has nothing to do with your bots being banned.

    The most likely reason to why is that they are "Suicide" Bots. If you want to decrease bans then don't suicide and bot safely.

    Some tips to botting safely:

    1) Use Quality Scripts

    2)  Use Break Rules

    3) Bot a reasonable amount of accounts on a single IP


    Hope this helps!

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