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    DaffyDubz Northern Lumby Goblin Slayer

    (Now available on SDN!)


    So this script is a small part of a much lager script I'm working on. Just getting a feel for the API and such. The idea is for training new accounts, this script will kill Goblins, eat (any) food if you have any in your inventory, and loot stack-able loot and clues if you elect to do so via the GUI. You can also set the maximum level to train as well as if you want to train Att, Str, and/or Def. I highly recommend you set up your breaks in the DB client, I personally use 2, first a small (10-30 minute) break every hour or so, and then a large (7-12 hours) sleep every 5-8 hours. (NOTE: I did receive a ban when I did not use the long break, I was using the small break [I think] and was banned after 10-12 hours straight.) Honestly, this was not intended for levels higher than 30-30-30, but I was able to achieve 40+ - 40+ - 40+ on several accounts with the mentioned breaks above, so make sure to keep it under 5-6 hours without breaks. 



    Start anywhere in F2P on Runescape Surface (Preferably in/near Lumby) with weapon/armor already equipped (Does Not Support Changing Weapon/Armor) and ANY food (if needed) in Inventory (Does Not Support Banking). Run the script and configure your settings via the GUI (see below) Select what stats to train (Prayer Not Supported) and what Loot to pickup (deselect all if you don't want to Loot) and hit START. {NOTE: It only changes the Combat Style [Att, Str, Def] every few minutes, so if you set the max to something like 15, there's a chance it will get a level higher than 15. I'll look into checking the level for max more often, but for now just set it 3-4 levels below your absolute max if you really don't want it to be over your max}



    5 Att (from dummies) Steel Scim and full Iron armor - should only need about 6-10 cooked chickens before you wont need food anymore

    On fresh account with bronze long and wooden shield - go get a full inventory of cooked chicken and do not train higher than 20-20-20 without getting better armor and weapon.


    POSSIBLE FUTURE FEATURES: (Definitely in the "Larger Script" mentioned above, but  most of these are unlikely in this script)

    Other locations, Loots Bones + Bury for Prayer, Banking + non stack-able loot, Changing weapons/armor, Kill Chickens/Cows + cook meat for food, World hopping, using the G.E., and much more...

    This Larger Script I keep mentioning is something I plan to use to get a small army (farm) to 60-60-60 and above in F2P, killing several different monsters in several different locations. Basically a "Play Runescape for you" script that focuses on Combat, starting with a fresh account off Tutorial Island. My free time is limited (adult-ing sucks) so don't expect it any time soon, but I hope to have it be a nice "Pure Starter" as well. 

    Yes I know this script is not extremely useful, but I wanted to get the ball rolling and get some feed back as I expand it. Plus I'm still using it and didn't want to make this spot too hot as it's the only supported location as of right now. Please provide any feedback and post some Proggies as well!



    Nothing Fancy, GUI appears when script is started, Proggy appears when Script Ends.






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    Added to SDN
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    Sorry the Proggy posted originally was one with more breaks than playing lol. Below is a more accurate Proggy if you're looking for the estimated XP/Hour on a fresh account with looting, it's slightly higher with out looting; (only took small breaks here and obviously the XP/Hour is relative to stats)


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    23 hours ago, CliveLewis said:

    Will give it a try after release. Have a bunch of level 3 characters that I planned to level up on chickens. 😃 

    Sweet deal. Im not sure how long it takes for sdn approval, but in the mean time I'd recommend throwing some iron armor on those guys and an iron or steel scim (and 5att if you go steel) then you should be ready to rock

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    • 1 month later...

    hello i have been trying your script, its pretty simple and good but i am having an issue

    after a few kills (goblins) the script stops or it even stops midway a kill?

    did something change?


    thnak you for your time and assistance

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    On 3/18/2020 at 11:21 AM, helipipe said:

    hello i have been trying your script, its pretty simple and good but i am having an issue

    after a few kills (goblins) the script stops or it even stops midway a kill?

    did something change?


    thnak you for your time and assistance

    im having this same issues whats the deal???

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