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  1. Ahh so they did actually invest a little at least? man early 2000s was a better time lol.
  2. Not really looking to purchase anything lol, and I see a lot of tinfoil hat theories around jagex bot detection. Did they really invest in a data warehouse in order to track millions of users? Because that's the only way they could handle that much data, and has anyone even hacked the client yet to see what info is being relayed back to their servers? Even small amounts of data, multiplied by 100k users at any given second of any given day is a shit ton of data to not only transfer but then write to disk and then process queries. Guess it's never been mentioned by them how much money they've devoted to their bot detection? Seems like a bad business decision on their end, much cheaper to lie in their pr blogs. Then again, selling bonds to kids afraid of gold sites and increasing members 120% could be making up for that investment. Nut honestly They're probably still using the same system as always, flagging accounts that get reported by users lol. If 100% of bots get banned, why do bots still exist? Suicide only? Sorry for the rant , way off topic, just been reading a lot of posts about bans. Guess the experiments continue lol #NotBannedYet
  3. D'oh, sweet deal lol does it even need to be a valid domain or can I just make potato(1-100)@qwerty.com? Guess I coulda just tried myself lol, thanks
  4. So I'm curious how the farmers acquire 50+ or 100+ accounts. I was under the impression that it required a valid email address to create a rs account now. (Gone are the good ol' days) Are people making 100+ email addresses? I'd imagine that would require either many days (or proxies) to counter anti bot methods that free email providers (gmail, etc) have, or one has access to your own domain and email server (exchange, etc) and just create as many email addresses as you have allocated. So I'd like to know what some people are doing? I've used up all of the accounts (that I could remember at least, rip 2008 farm) that are 4000+ days old lol but that's only < 10. Ideas?
  5. So I've noticed a strange thing when trying to use npc.interact("Attack") if the npc is moving. The mouse moves to the npc, and follows the npc kind of spaz-like for a few seconds before either clicking it finally or giving up and finding another npc. This only happens maybe once out of 10 or 15 interacts, so it's not really a huge deal, but I was curious as to why this was happening? Is there another built-in method in the API that can accomplish this a little smoother or am I using it incorrectly, or do I need to build a custom click function or something? My guess is my sleepuntil is causing issues? I'd assume the npc.intereact() would return false if it couldn't interact, but does it still move the mouse? (Side question, is the source for various methods like this available anywhere? The java docs don't really explain the details I need, even just sudo would be helpful so I can understand all of it's functionality, because it's obviously not just checking if the npc has an interact option, it's doing mouse movements and clicks, possibly reading the text in the upper-left when the mouse is hovering over the npc? Speaking of that, side side question, how can I read that text in the upper-left hand corner when mouse is hovering an object?) NPC currentNpc = getNpcs().closest(FiterStuff...) if(currentNpc != null && currentNpc.interact("Attack")) { MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().isInCombat() || getLocalPlayer().getInteractingCharacter() != null, // this is ok, right? wait until something is interacting with us (long) Calculations.random(2500,4600)); } Thanks in advanced!
  6. DaffyDubz

    Random events

    I know this is a few months old, but I wanted to give example; I use Timers, first set the Timer to random time (usually in milliseconds) then somewhere in your loop check if the Timer is Finished, if so, do your stuff and reset the timer (to a different random time) //includes //... import org.dreambot.api.utilities.Timer; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; //... //Probably onStart //... plzDontBan = new Timer(); //init Timer plzDontBan.setRunTime(Calculations.random(35000,69000)); //Set it for random x - y seconds (35 - 69 in this case) //... //onLoop or any loop that's going to happen in your script //... if (plzDontBan.finished()) { //The Timer has a "finished" method to check if time set has passed doSuperDopeAntiBan(); //do your stuff here plzDontBan.setRunTime(Calculations.random(25000,69000)); //reset the timer so you don't get inf loop //(because timer will always be finished, until reset) } //... -sorry if the spacing got a little weird...
  7. DaffyDubz here, figured I'd drop a post in the intro section. Some may have seen me in the general chat as well as the Discord server. A little about me, I started playing RS in 2002, played legit until about 2005, then discovered botting. I wrote color bots and mouse/keyboard macros for about 5 years until my maxed melee plus 90+ every stat was finally perm banned. Fast forward to about 1 month ago, I started playing OSRS. Being that I'm here you can tell I have much less patients than I did in 2002 lol. I'd like to start scripting in DB, writing rs scripts is nothing new for me, and neither is programming. So bear with me while I learn the api and java best practices (I'm still between beginner and intermediate in terms of oop, I have a good understanding but lack the experience) I'm hoping to learn as much as possible while having a blast doing it. You can expect my first script release soon, just had a successful 6 hour run last night and worked some kinks in my proggy. It wont be anything special just something that can help fresh accounts gain some combat (the seeds of the farm have been planted) because who bots lvl3 accounts anyway. Wish me luck, hopefully someone finds it useful AND I really hope the ban rate isn't as bad as I hear it is nowadays Haha. Time will tell...
  8. DaffyDubz

    Scripting 101

    Very helpful tut, thank you. I have a question regarding abstract vs task. In task, is there no need to loop through each node in the onloop? Or just declaring then in start is enough? Im on mobile so I apologize if I missed it but your task code didn't appear to overwrite onloop. Also, currently in my first script, I'm using abstract but also nodes and running for each node in my onloop (checking the state of the script I've defined), is this ok? And is there a better way to pass my main class to the nodes than passing the whole class each time? Im using both public and private variables (private all have get set obviously) but just curious if there's a better practice than what I've currently done. It feels very sloppy to me lol but it's also pretty half-assed (some of my classes are very messy) and it's just a rs script so I'm not too worried because it works, but my OCD is killing me lol. Thanks again!
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