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    I'll try not to make this into a novel but I'll provide all the details that I feel are necessary.

    Let me first start off by saying I don't have any evidence that will 100% say he did it - all of my evidence is circumstantial. I have Discord chats with Viision, 1 of his workers (are you even allowed to let workers onto a customer's account?) and somebody he knows that has spoken about how he's been shady that I can provide if needed. All i have to "prove" the items are missing off my account is the empty item slots in my bank from valuables, although I know that isn't proof at all.

    I contacted Viision a couple weeks ago for his Barrows Gloves service. He was unable to fulfill at the time because of a snow storm - so I went to somebody else. 3/4 of the way through the service from the other guy, he got caught up in work and couldn't finish. He reimbursed me for the quests he hadn't done and even included a bonus 5 mil for the inconvenience to me. Not 1 item was taken off of my account (and it was 90m+).

    Since he couldn't finish I went to Viision to finish the service for me. He had some pretty solid vouches so I didn't even think twice about it. He quoted me way past his original post price because he knew the guy I was working with had a higher rate than him and said "wow that makes me feel like a slave". When I ignored that quote he brought the price back down. Shady act #1.

    We eventually agreed on 30mil for the completion of: Shilo Village, One Small Favour, Watchtower ,Spirits Of Elid, Client Of Kourend, Temple Of Ikov, Underground Pass ,Hero's Quest, Desert Treasure , Lunar Diplomacy, RFD Sir Amik, RFD Awowogei, RFD Culimancer, 54-58 Mining

    The payment happened in w308 with "Jake Sullie" at Edgeville bank on 2/16/19 at 8:45pm EST. For whatever all of that info is worth. I don't have any proof of the trade, however Viision claims to have recorded it. I only know all of this info because of our Discord chat.

    After payment I logged off and he claimed I was 3rd in line behind 2 others but that he would "afk" mine for me in the mean time. No clue what AFK mining means but to me the only true AFK mining would mean botting...but that's somewhat irrelevant.

    2 days go by and nothing was done on my account. I log in on Sunday to check progress and he was still at the Fally mine. I immediately DM him asking why all my shit is gone. No response until the following day after I post on his thread saying what he did. I'll be honest - I was little surprised that he didn't block me on Discord this entire time. But that was likely to avoid looking suspicious in this entire ordeal.

    He goes on to tell me that he didn't steal anything and that he potentially had my login info leaked via Teamviewer. He needed a couple days to review this...for God knows why, but I granted it to him anyways. 

    Today he claims that I'm trying to reverse scam him of 90mil - which is invalid considering I've already said multiple times that I'm not even expecting reimbursement. Except for maybe my service fee of 30mil because he didn't do anything on my account besides the 2 mining levels - he didn't really earn that 30mil. That's maybe 500k-1mil tops.

    At the end of the day it's partially my fault for being so trusting and leaving that much on my account. My non chalant demeanor really screwed me over - but I assure you I wouldn't go this out of the way for some elaborate scam considering I'm an adult with my own real world commitments. However, I definitely want to go out of my way to make sure people don't have to waste their time and money with his service.

    Anyways, I'm willing to provide whatever screenshots you guys might want to help settle this dispute. You can also reach out to me on Discord (Ace#0737) if you're willing to go that far.




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    Hey I'm sorry I was on a flight if you would like further proof as to show I was on a flight lmk I'll show you proof.

    I would like to please ask for a bit more time until I actually settle in my apartment and will be giving a full statement either today or tomorrow thank you for your patience in advance.

    If you would like to further contact me below are my forms of communication.

    Discord Viision#8062

    Email : [email protected]

    Snapchat : NaderMillion

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    We'll grant you 48 hours as of this post @Viision, for you to post your explanation. Your TWC rank will stay active until this dispute ends.

    @acemad, in the meantime I would like to ask you to provide screenshots for as many claims as possible that you've made in your topic. 




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    I decided to do videos as opposed to screenshots because I want to show that I'm not twisting any narrative. You'll get the entire discord chat that I've had with Viision as well as my account in it's current state.

    Viision Discord Chat:

    Account Aftermath:

    Few notes:

    - He did get me 2 mining levels, from 54-56. That's all he did on my account regarding the service. He did none of the mentioned quests in the original post - but you'll notice Temple of Ikov, Hero's Quest and Watchtower were all completed on the account. I did these quests myself the past 2 days.

    - You'll also notice some wealth on the account which is around ~20 million. This was gp I amassed myself. There was roughly 25 mil on the account before I granted access. The fury, berserker ring and granite hammer are all items he took but I repurchased. As you'll notice there are tons of empty item slots that are valuable and my bank worth was worth upwards of 100mil - and after I logged onto my account it was ~6 mil.

    - Lastly, my account username is cropped out for obvious reasons. But if I need to provide a private video to mods of me logging into the account in which I provided credentials do I can do that.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide.




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    Wanted to add clarification to "There was roughly 25 mil on the account before I granted access."

    This was referring to the gp I had on my account in addition to the items. It was originally 55mil cash stack, but I paid him 30 for the service.

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    Hello, I'm truly sorry for keeping everyone waiting, I recently just got off a flight & had to take care of Family & Friends before putting my Services first.

    As you can see already @Acemad has provided us with the same exact chat log I have so everything should already be inside there but ill give you guys my side of the story.

    Acemad, Had 90m Worth of items as well as a 25m cash stack on his account with his 30m Payment that he paid me to complete the following questline.



    one small favour,


    spirits of the elid,

    client of kourend,

    temple of ikov,

    underground pass,

    hero's quest,

    Desert Treasure,

    Lunar Diplomacy

    (+ 53-58 Mining training),

    RFD Sir Amik,

    RFD Awowogei,

    RFD Culimancer

    I had already told him, I had a client ahead of him & I was going through some weather conditions during the time of his order.

    I told him ill log onto the account and possibly afk mine at MLM, I did end up getting around 2-3 Levels i'm not really sure, After that I had logged off the account and logged back on.

    Now, My Terms Of Service Clearly States The Following.

    With the following underlined & Coded in red are the current Terms he has violated.

    With him logging into the account on 2/18/2019.

    If he were to not log onto the account and let me figure out how the 90m possible got taken away, I would have been Obligated to pay that back IMO, As he was never on the account.

    But, With the log on he made, Which broke the TOS, I really have no idea what to do, As I didn't remove anything from his account.

    When I had first found out that he has lost his items on the account obviously he pm'd me saying he'd logged on & whatnot, I thought that my computer had been compromised Via TeamViewer. As I had recently fixed my RuneLite Not Launching problem.

    I assured him when I got home on 2/19/2019 I would be able to check and see what was going with My Teamviewer and the whole situation regarding him accusing me of scamming him for 90m. 

    After checking my Teamviewer Connection Logs & Talking to the person who he had claimed refereed him "Nex" He had told me he never had a conversation with anyone named "Ace" Besides someone trying to figure out how to get me banned.

    I feel as "Ace" Has provided you guys with all the proof Via discord & The Account, So if you guys would like anymore information let me know.

    P.S Thank you very much for the Time Addition I really needed that. <3


    You should change your password before and after the service.
    You should disable Authenticator 
    You will not log into the account while service is in operation.
    I am NOT responsible for the account(s) after the service is complete
    Payment will be upfront, With No Chargebacks, **What so ever**. 
    Payment will be made Via OSRS GP (contact me).
    I have the right to refuse any service without reason.
    I have the right to terminate a service at any point.
    Refunds after the service has been complete will be denied unless valid reasoning.
    Time limits will not be set in stone, due to IRL and other factors, training may take a varying amount of time.


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    Also, I would like to point out to the fact as to where i offered to still complete his service, & Possible try and give him additional credit he denied it, Therefore I Suspended His Order.

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    "If he were to not log onto the account and let me figure out how the 90m possible got taken away, I would have been Obligated to pay that back IMO, As he was never on the account."

    Idk how I would have known it was gone if I never logged on.

    And yes I admit to logging on while it was technically in service, but at the same time he was "AFK" mining and had people in line in front of me. I didn't even consider this to be a real violation.

    "After checking my Teamviewer Connection Logs & Talking to the person who he had claimed refereed him "Nex" He had told me he never had a conversation with anyone named "Ace" Besides someone trying to figure out how to get me banned."

    I have conversations with Nex that date back to early December - I didn't just DM him out of the blue asking how to get you banned. I've used his scripts and he's offered me good customer support - so I trusted his vouch. There's nothing more to it than that.


    As for everything else there isn't much I can say without getting into "he said she said" so I'll just wait to see what the Mods have to say.

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