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  1. I have refunded @acemad30m GP. Sorry for taking so long, Mourning A Death Of a friend during spring break.
  2. I agree to refund the 30m, I'm currently driving towards Tennessee when I arrive back home in a few days I'll give u 30m
  3. Also, Banker has made a new account as his old one was permanently banned. Try contacting him using his new discord "Banker#5625"
  4. This Is My Conversation With @Nex https://gyazo.com/0428fbc21379d15adb8308158e4cb7c7 https://gyazo.com/7ba88e4b7878ad7240591a2c9080f95f https://gyazo.com/682f544ab79a2b96b91ff0277acb2368 https://gyazo.com/b2bac5607965677ff9da96a440bc8fe3
  5. Also, I would like to point out to the fact as to where i offered to still complete his service, & Possible try and give him additional credit he denied it, Therefore I Suspended His Order.
  6. Hello, I'm truly sorry for keeping everyone waiting, I recently just got off a flight & had to take care of Family & Friends before putting my Services first. As you can see already @Acemad has provided us with the same exact chat log I have so everything should already be inside there but ill give you guys my side of the story. Acemad, Had 90m Worth of items as well as a 25m cash stack on his account with his 30m Payment that he paid me to complete the following questline. I had already told him, I had a client ahead of him & I was going through some weather conditions during the time of his order. I told him ill log onto the account and possibly afk mine at MLM, I did end up getting around 2-3 Levels i'm not really sure, After that I had logged off the account and logged back on. Now, My Terms Of Service Clearly States The Following. With the following underlined & Coded in red are the current Terms he has violated. With him logging into the account on 2/18/2019. If he were to not log onto the account and let me figure out how the 90m possible got taken away, I would have been Obligated to pay that back IMO, As he was never on the account. But, With the log on he made, Which broke the TOS, I really have no idea what to do, As I didn't remove anything from his account. When I had first found out that he has lost his items on the account obviously he pm'd me saying he'd logged on & whatnot, I thought that my computer had been compromised Via TeamViewer. As I had recently fixed my RuneLite Not Launching problem. I assured him when I got home on 2/19/2019 I would be able to check and see what was going with My Teamviewer and the whole situation regarding him accusing me of scamming him for 90m. After checking my Teamviewer Connection Logs & Talking to the person who he had claimed refereed him "Nex" He had told me he never had a conversation with anyone named "Ace" Besides someone trying to figure out how to get me banned. I feel as "Ace" Has provided you guys with all the proof Via discord & The Account, So if you guys would like anymore information let me know. P.S Thank you very much for the Time Addition I really needed that.
  7. Hey I'm sorry I was on a flight if you would like further proof as to show I was on a flight lmk I'll show you proof. I would like to please ask for a bit more time until I actually settle in my apartment and will be giving a full statement either today or tomorrow thank you for your patience in advance. If you would like to further contact me below are my forms of communication. Discord : Viision#8062 Email : Almosawinader@gmail.com Snapchat : NaderMillion
  8. Your Service Has Been Terminated For The Following. 1. Breaking TOS which states no logging into the account until after the service was completed. 2.Trying To Reverse Scam Me Into Giving you 90m.
  9. Ahh Shit, Welcome Back Brody
  10. Contact Me On Discord Viision#8062 I've Got Several Accounts
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