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    Hello guys, hope you all are having a great day!


    We just have released a new client update, v1.8.2! With quite a few performance/API revisions and additions!


    v1.8.2 changelog:

    • Edited NameFilter#match. Now uses equalsIgnoreCase();
    • Fixed SkillTracker#experiencePerHour.
    • Completely revised Model classes!
        - Improved performance!
        - Improved Animation logic and performance!
        - Increased stability for our writers!
        - Some of the methods now available for all model classes (originally in EntityModel only):
    	* void Model#drawWireFrame(Graphics)
    	* Polygon Model#getHullBounds(float)
    	* int Model#getTileHeight()
    	* int[][] Model#getVertexMap()
    	* List<Point> Model#getVertexPoints()
    	* Area Model#calculateModelArea() 
    	* Point Model#calculateCenterPoint()
    • Major revision to Animation classes:
        - Less memory usage!
        - Much more efficient!
        - Improved stability!
    • Edits & Additions to Calculations: (Trying to give tools to our writers to defend against pattern detection!)
        - Now using new random number generation library (No longer java.util.Math).
        - Writers can now easily seed randoms using Calculations#setRandomSeed(long)!
            * Changes made will effect all random numbers generated from Calculations!
        - New methods added:
            * double nextGaussianRandom(double, double) //Replaces gRandom()
    	* double nextHypergeometricRandom(int, int, int)
    	* double nextGammaRandom(double, double)
            * More methods coming soon!

    I really hope you guys enjoy this update, and expect more to come very soon!

    Like always, if you have any issues/bugs/errors, please report them as you encounter them at: http://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/forum/13-errors-bugs/


    Thanks you guys for all the support! :D


    - DreamBot Staff

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    You're doing a great job with the client guys, true commitment is definitely shown. Keep it up!




    I'm looking forward to playing with the randomization.

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