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  • Vhagar's TzHaars Safespotter [20-60k+ exp/hr][50-500k+ gp/hr] [DEATHWALKING] [SPECIAL] [MAGE OR RANGE] [LOW REQUIREMENTS]


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    Vhagar's TzHaars 

    A script for safe spotting TzHaar-Xil and/or TzHaar-Ket within TzHaar City using either magic or ranged.


    • Toggle-able overlay displaying a range of information; exp/gold/tokkul gained, time ran, status.
    • Banking + Healing (Supports a range of food)
    • Potion support (For ranged use)
    • User defined settings through GUI (Looting, Anti-ban, Monsters to Attack, ect..)
    • Deathwalking, allowing for items to be picked up on death and for the script to continue running.
    • Special Attack Support (For ranged)
    • Supports both Magic and Ranged, selected through the GUI.
    • Solid anti-ban e.g: Camera adjustments and varied mouse movements (Off screen/Random)


    • Fairly low requirements 
    • Very low ban rate (Fairly empty spot + varied tile selection)
    • Consistent exp rate
    • Can make up to 1m+ hr if you're lucky (I've had days where I've up to 4 obby capes within a few hours, other times I've had none in a couple days.)


    • GP/HR varies wildly depending on how lucky you are
    • Not suitable for very low levels (<50hp) as enemies move making avoiding damage completely difficult. 
    • No melee (Halberd) support (yet!)

    Instructions for use

    Simply start the script within TzHaar City with the desired settings applied through the GUI. I'd recommend having at least 50 HP as the script won't avoid being hit entirely although it attempts to keep tanking to a minimum and includes death-walking as a fail-safe. 

    For range

    Start with the ammo you wish to use with the equipped.

    For mage

    Select the spell you want to use and the number of casts per inventory.








    6 hour Proggy:



    I intent to add a few more features in the near future, such as halberd support, world hopping, low-level mode, and a few others. Any other suggestions let me know!

    Feel free to request a trial if you would like one, Thanks.



    Version Log


    - Initial release


    - Ensured script banks after running out of runes 

    - Added spell auto-select to ensure after deathwalking the selected spell is set to auto-cast again.

    - Improved evasion & hit avoidance 


    - Added world hopping

    - Added glory support during death-walking

    - Added Jugs of Wine to the food list as requested. 


    - Added additional anti-ban code

    - Bug fixing (Looting bug when using Jug of wine)

    - Ending of script when no runes or bolts/arrows in the bank and none equipped or in inventory


    Edited by Vhagar
    Updated version log
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    15 hours ago, chowkebab said:

    what level range/mage is recommended for this :) wouldnt mind a trial if my range level/range level is good enuf lolz

    I'd wouldn't say there's a specific range/mage required, but I wouldn't expect a lot of loot as it'll take a while to kill each mob with v low levels. I'd recommend having like 40+ hp as they do hit pretty hard sometimes. Message me/post here if you still want a trial :) 

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