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  • script not delivered properly


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    bought chinning script for $80 from nex, 

    I've been buying scripts for years and never had this issue. The script given to me was raised by a scanner to contain a trojan/virus 

    Now no offence to anyone I don't care how trusted an individual Is, if a script is slightly doubtful by any trusted scanner then it should be changed. This is not what I paid for, I paid $80 for a clean script that shows no signs of malicious intent. 

    After trying to explain to nex, i'm just being ignored, and being left no choice but to waste more time, waste my time and waste nex's time by posting this.


    the following files attached is the OBF script he gave me that keeps getting red flags under virustotal.com and https://virusscan.jotti.org/ 

    It doesn't matter how trusted an individual is, I didn't pay for this or this service as a clean script was not delivered. If the scripter cannot be bothered to change the script to make it clean then it shouldn't be delivered as it's not the product on the market. 


    This is like selling a jumper with holes in it, and asking the buyer to ignore the holes even though he's paying the same price of a brand new jumper of the same brand without holes in it.

    this makes no sense to me please I trust nex and I respect him but please can you just get my script done, I don't want anything else, if this can't be made then can I request a refund


    EDIT: Scritp has been edited out


    Edited by ponymen
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    Had contact with this user, delivered a clean script (obfuscated to protect my code).
    Some online scanner said it contained a trojan which obviously isnt the case
    Offered to let 2 ranked scripers @7804364 & @Im A Baller see the source and obfuscate it and send it to him.
    This offer was refused and he wanted a sythe mod to do this i asked for a dreambot staff member or scripter which he responded with  "he prefers someone highly trusted"
     after this i didnt wanna deal with him anymore about the "trojan" issue. 
    I did offer i would still supports the script like i usually do in terms of bug fixes if any would occur..

    Im still open to let any mod see the source of the script or even obfucate it on screenshare and send it to him.

    As for the refund i deny his request as i delivered a working script with NO trojans or any malicious intent.

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    the issue is bro I highly respect you but ive been buying scripts for years, and every script I buy has been clean on any virus scanner, both OBF scripts and without


    I pay for the full product man, not the half product with doubts on the script. If signs  are going off that it contains a trojan this shouldn't be my problem in any way or form, but is yours to deal with yet im sat here begging for it to be changed.


    please could you do it nex

    Edited by ponymen
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    Obfucation can be a reason for false positives. 

    Regardless of the outcome of this dispute, it's important for us (staff) to check the source code anyway to make sure no attempt was made to spread malware to begin with. 

    @Nex, Can I kindly request you to send me the source code? Of course your code would be kept private and only discussed and reviewed by staff.

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    Just now, ponymen said:

    @articron do I also send you my own version given to me

    Sure thing! Even though we probably won't reverse engineer his entire script (depends on how hard he went into obbing it), it can't hurt to check if both versions match.

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