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  • What do u guys do during a normal day


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    Well on weekdays, I don't have time for much, as I have 1½ hours to work so:
    I wake up at 5:30, eat breakfast, shower etc.

    I take the train at 6:50 and I'll be at work a little past 8.

    Off at 4:00 and I'll get home at 5:30.

    Time for dinner, and after dinner, I go to the gym for roughly 2 hours.

    By then, the time hast past 10, and I honestly don't got the energy for much. So I usually go to bed.

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    1 - Wake up at 1:00 pm.

    2 - Eat lunch 1:10 pm.

    3 - Do some work (create bots, create new accounts, scripting) untill 4:00-6:00 pm.

    4 - Call some friends to go out and eat somewhere 6:30 pm.

    5 - Smoke weed, drink beer, then smoke more weed and drink more beer untill 2:00 am

    6 - 2:30 am go to sleep.



    Ohh I don't have work :)

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    wake up at 8 am, take a shower, go to work at 9 until 18 pm, go to college from 19hs to 23 hs, get home, eat, sleep. thats on a week day

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    10Am- Awake

    10-noon - Try to find my brain (Meditating or yoga or sitting there blankly)

    noon-3 im usually on PC

    3-6: I usually use this time to go out to eat or workout

    Rest of the night: At this point im either completely fucked up and socializing w/ ppl or immersed into the internet once again.

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    wake up

    drink coffee while browsing forums/facebook/email/whatever



    go to class

    get home

    browse more forums/facebook/email/whatever

    work on client

    play smite



    with working on client/browsing pretty much spaced out through the whole day.

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    1. Wake up.
    2. Turn my computer on.
    3. Get coffee.
    4. Work for about a hour.
    5. Wake up my GF.
    6. Take a dab.
    7. Go to class.
    8. Come home.
    9. Take a dab.
    10. Eat food.
    11. Work for another couple hours.
    12. Go to class.
    13. Come home.
    14. Take a dab.
    15. Eat more food.
    16. Chill with GF. (Pretty much happens all day)
    17. Go to bed.
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