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    I'm looking for a run down in what you typically look for with Lvl3 sellers. Do you look for a good refund policy, good appearances, usernames, password, price or even good cool down? What exactly is your requirements and will you give up specific requirements if the price is right.


    Ultimately I'm looking for replies that show insight into your thought process when you buy lvl3s.


    I will pick people at random that contribute here and will send them free lvl3's :ph34r: :ph34r:

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    Different appearances obviously not the default as a lot of people report just off that. I would also say the name matters a little bit not, some people might see X83874m as a botter others might not care so much to report you. 7qp is would be nice :) When I'm looking for LVL3s im looking for a seller I can trust them not get locked based on the IP created with and also that the passwords are different so other buyers cant randomly guess the logins and take your accs.

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    Well I am not botting large farms or anything, just some projects on the side so my opinion might not be so interesting. But when buying level 3 accounts I would enjoy an easy service. Make it understandable for everyone, be clear what your product is and if there are refund policies make sure your customers knows them. I can imagine if people bought over 25+ of those accounts it would be easier if the accounts had atleast the same password. Just make sure the account names and emails are different so people cant guess other people their log in. 

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    I don't usually care much since most of my level 3s are suiciders. If I wanted to keep them around for any extended length of time then I would want human like names, strong randomized passwords, preferably rested a few days, and 7qp. If the price was considerably lower then I would drop all but strong randomized passwords from the above, assuming I plan to suicide them anyway. I don't tend to put much thought/care into the refund system because if I end up needing a refund then most likely there is something wrong with the service being offered, so I probably wouldn't use the service again.

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