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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. Dreamwinemaker hasn't been updated for the make all update, try contacting the scripters so they can fix their script issues otherwise they'll get removed so others don't pay for broken scripts.
    2. If your keyboard is disabled at the bottom you cant type but as long as you enable it leaving mouse disabled and double click you should be able to type fine? https://i.imgur.com/DEz7sq2.gifv make sure you double click otherwise it seems to not register your typing
    3. Yeah this started happening for me a little while ago as well, past 10 clients or tabs will just give a black screen I've tried messing with a bunch of stuff nothing works.a
    4. Here is a nice tutorial another user has made. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/2910-a-pug-tutorial-all-about-making-the-best-paint/
    5. You need to open cmd in the location the jar file is in also join the discord and people can help you much easier.
    6. Run it with java in the cmd. Otherwise you wont get to see the errors.
    7. you need to run it with java... java -jar dblauncher.jar
    8. Run dblauncher.jar via cmd and see what errors you're getting.
    9. Special characters in your password are not supported on the client.
    10. I agree with this as well as the scripts that haven't been updated since make all update and need it and rely on those interactions should be cleaned. I have reported quiet a few scripts and they get taken down but I'm not going to buy scripts just for this reason some staff should be doing this. especially when there are many reported script threads and refunds are given but the script is left up for sale/use.
    11. swift


      The more accounts you use per proxy usually equates to faster bans/getting flagged faster. Its handled differently depending on your client settings. If you use freshstart each client instance will make a temp folder and store the data in there. If you dont use freshstart it will use the same one.
    12. swift


      Some people like 1 client per instance so each account has its own proxy others do 1-4 per client to get the most out of their proxies.
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