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  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS/Crypto gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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    1. Shoot me a message I can easily do this for you.
    2. I can easily write some private scripts for you just hit me up Discord and we can work something out based on what you need to accomplish with the script?
    3. If it's about paying with PayPal there are plenty of people who sell vouchers in the marketplace.
    4. Selling 100m at $0.85 a Mill through PayPal.
    5. Can vouch. Has done many 7qp accounts for myself and partners.
    6. Yes anyone can get the scripts from the SDN.... You can get the direct public path to the class files its not hard. This has been thought of by the staff and the class files are obfuscated to prevent people from doing this.
    7. Check out the marketplace there are a lot of people who sell vouchers.
    8. Not a problem anytime. Can't sleep tonight so I'm up just messing around.
    9. Hmm I found a solution. It seems like its only 1 tile off. Just check to see if the loot is within the distance of 1 tile of the tile that was set. Should work.
    10. Maybe look into a way to setting a tile based on where the NPC you were fighting was last located before it didn't exist
    11. You can easily fix this by doing what your doing and setting a tile based on the method your using and only pickup the loot if the your standing on the tile that was set last and if its not there to walk to it and then pickup.
    12. So why couldn't you just set it up to only loot the item if its within a certain distance from you. Let's say 1 tile. That would allow you to pickup the loot from a monster that died directly in front of you. Only issue I see is it moving around and happening to be next to someones loot pile.
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