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    I have dropped the amount of bots I had running using the Grand Exchange (different client) from 17 to 6.

    I also am going to drop the amount of shopper bots I run , due to the mass items I've produced throughout the months.


    This will result in a HUGE market crash, also, because I'm going to mass-sell all of the items it was merchanting (on market price).  By mass sell I mean hundreds and hundreds of thousands of items.  Each account was loaded with 15m so that's 165m worth of items, back to the Grand Exchange.  Also, I had tried to merch by hand, to help my bots.  I have another 300m + worth of items which I'm also going to mass-sell due to the fact that I'm no longer going to be sustaining those item prices at the rates they were going for.  It started out with my farm, then I've noticed everyone's piggy backing on my Grand Exchange bots and I'm ending up with a hoard of items in my bank. 

    Mule, after mule, that gets banned.  I lose over 100m in items.  I simply don't care, because I have stock coming out of my ass in my sleep.  This should not be the case, and it's costing me money.  I'm changing this today.  Just hope my bot farm & manual merchanting wasn't helping your farm out  ;)


    I can assure you, one bot that will be affected, that I personally never used, was chocolate grinding.  Have fun with that information.  Many many more items will be affected, so if you own a big farm, stock up!! If you own a small farm, I suggest panic sell :P




    Edit:  I am tempted to re-buy the items that seem to be crashing, out of habit  I seem to be a hoarder.  Doing this would update the GE prices in amounts of 30-50k per item (as I'd use multiple accounts to buy the items manually).


    --- Xferring ---



    I don't know what the 'norm' is for xferring items, but I've noticed my mules get a higher risk of ban if they recieve items worth millions many times a day.  Personally, I sell the items on the grand exchange, and re-buy whatever didn't sell in the Grand exchange (at x amount of price, so to speak) so my manual accounts could buy their items and re-sell in their GE slots for "market" price or higher (depending on items), resulting in higher profit p/h [overnight bot dumps is a thing, I'm not about to compete too much if a little patience goes a long way] then trading only cash over to one mule. I say all this to clarify, I am not going to stop using the GE.  This means although the buying & selling will be cut down, some, it will not be entirely as every day I'll still manually buy bulk items.  What I'm saying is, the thing I'm saying will be affected, is the price.  Not the amount sold & traded a day.  Which should still be cut down by a few 30k daily items minimum, and around 70k maximum (the 11 bots I'm no longer running as of the 17th).    I alone will still be buying around 20-50k different items , not just of one item, of each.  In the Grand Exchange, everyday, I do not want you to misunderstand what this post is about.  It's about a friendly spam-related warning that I'm going to mass-sell my bulk-items which will result in a PRICE crash in certain items.  Gave a few examples of these items already, and removed a screenshot example after, for security reasons.  Also, since I had bulk items, alot of my gold-farming method revolves around using my own items to make more money and keep them at a steadily high price.  I would use for example 300k tomatoes in 72 hours, to price the Tomato prices at a 90 price minimum (bots selling at 95 minimum, some 100, some 120, while I held 300k tomatoes of items on my personal accounts, buying out in the limit which is 13k on my personal accounts anything under 90 gp on 3 + accounts a time, depending on ge slots available) .  I still will be using tomatoes [another freebie, as to what's coming to a crash this upcoming weeks], as it's a big part of my farm in multiple scripts.  However, I might decide to lower the price down, some at my wim.  Which is what I'm theorizing is what will happen due to the fact I'm no longer going to be giving my own time to keeping certain items at certain prices.  Reason for this I DO NOT HAVE TIME ANYMORE.   I use the GE to buy my own items.  This is how I re-stock and xfer.  I feel obliged to prove to this forums that I have a point.  Do I really?  Ask me in 2 weeks time when I can pull up statistics.  For now, it is what it is.




    Another thing to clarify -- an example of an item all of my Grand Exchange bots would buy is Zulrah's scales.  I'd have them run to buy 20k as if it were the 4 hour limit (buying 20k every 4 hours so 'maybe' 70k a 24 hr per account of buying & selling for profit, depending on selling/buying rates).  I am unsure as to what this will do to these kind of items.  items I bought in bulk, but never personally used other than in that script.  It should have some type of effect, if anything on least on the daily traded, but not by alot, as that I do NOT come nowhere near tickling as most of the posts on this thread have been trying to tell me, but I am not talking about those items.  Just the ones I control for my farm, (which I cannot go into further details to not compromise my goldfarming methods).  


    Chocolate bars & Dusts - I supply about 30k each a day.  At times I merch manually, if the price ever crashes -5% x3 to merch and keep the profit of my bots at a steady 100k + an hour.  I do NOT use these items in any bot farm anymore, I only had the GE bots buying them.  I will be "producing" these items still, but I will not be using them.  I will have some effect I just don't know what.  I can only assure the pricing WILL be affected for all of these items that were somehow connected to my bot farm


    Tomatoes - I supply maybe about 40k a day.  At times I merch manually, if the price crashes -x5% x3 to merch and keep the profit of my bots at a steady 100k + an hour.  I DO use these items in my farm, and they're a big part of my farm.  A day without tomatoes would be bad for me- but pretty much impossible as I use my own items.  This is a huge item that will be affected.  Possible a lower to 70 or less.


    These are 3 examples of 3 items I did use in my farm that I dropped.  It will 100% have some type of statistical effect on the price, with a potential price crash for all of the items in my lists.  These are only 3 examples, out of hundreds in my lists, and about 30 I mass produce- and mass use.


    I am not saying I think I'm a big goldfarmer, I am, however saying, I believe to have a decent impact on the Grand Exchange prices that I use for goldfarming. 





    17th - removed 11 GE bots & took a botting break as I have mass amounts to sell, and all the thread hate was really putting me down. - produced 0 items (over it)

    18th - Started back with my shop bots for a 5 hour-run- didn't bother xferring that night.

    19th - This night, I got items for a day and a half's worth.  Sold through GE, buying what didn't sell then selling manually.

    20th - Thursday. FUCK.  Got delayed with my shoppers for another day, since my other client was down.  Bought Dreambot's shopper, continued half a day. (had Ge bots delayed for 2 days as well)

    21st - Seeing my stock on all my accounts [a few of them had bans, which meh].  The pricing, and the stock.  I'm NOT going to remove shoppers.  I'm going to ADD.  


    23rd - Ran all my bots successfully.  I have 100% of my bots up and running.  Fully replaced the 11 GE bots I had with other methods, including some extra bots I had since I happened to have the extra Proxies.

    24th - Weeks coming to an end, I've sold most of my items, except for those pesky pineapples!  I'm still getting daily stock from 20 ish shopper bots,  Hint hint: Tomatoes crashed down to the 70s as I predicted earlier this week. 

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    465m isn't enough to crash the whole economy 

    You're underestimating the power of merching, 17 accounts that have been running for about 8 months, 24 hour runs, no breaks.  Swapping millions and millions daily throughout the GE.  I had specific pricing for items.  You don't even know what script I'm talking about , so you're obviously thinking it's nothing major.  I had about 7 manual accounts I'd merch, and daily I get over 50m worth of items from my shopper bots.  I've been controlling certain items for almost a year, in mass amounts, keeping the prices steady.  Give it a week.  You will be affected.  The 6 bots I kept are already being affected, they're making more money per hour.  Twice as much.  I've mule everything through the grand exchange for the past 2 years now (updating osbuddy prices, and ge-tracker and any tool you might use).  My farm goes beyond a normal farm.  It's more focused on the Grand Exchange to keep my botting profitteable regardless of economy prices.

    looks like you are thinking you are some massive farmer lol sure gz with you're earnings but this is nothing big

    This isn't my earnings.  I have 3x more bots than the ones I'm announcing to lower.  Not even close to 'my earnings'  I'm being courteous, do as you wish with the information given.






    Edit: it's not just the items my farm brings.  It's also the items  my farm BUYS from the GE.  It has a list of hundreds of items, I'm sure all of you will be affected in some way, shape or form.  11 accounts will no longer be actively buying certain items.  The stock for about 100 items just multiplied because of this.  

    91% sure it wasnt u lmao

    The chocolates?  I've had chocolate bars selling for 70 minimum in bulk, and chocolate dust for 90 minimum.  The pricing is the way it is because of me.  You will soon see.  GIve it time mate.  As I explained, my accounts will also no longer be buying those chocolates.  My shopper farm  alone brought me about 30k of each daily.  bars and dusts.  My bots bought on average 100k + chocolates a day, bypassing 4 hour limits successfully.  I had a heavier effect on the chocolates than you'd imagine. 

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    i call bs without proof

    I posted a screenshot with some chocolate dust/bars.  If that's not enough proof, I am not providing you with my goldfarming methods.  that's one account.  Remember where you complained about not being able to make a script without VIP? That forums is a bit more private than DreamBot.  Their scripts are more perfected than DreamBot's, and much much more expensive.  Most of my goldfarm comes from that forums.  Whatever inactivity here on DreamBot you might believe is my current farm, is wrong.  I didn't originate here in DreamBot.  I came here for the lack of security which allowed account sales. Don't underestimate the power of botting, sir.  if you are underestimating it, you shouldn't be botting.

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