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    Hello guys. I've always wanted to earn 10m by botting, and today my journey begins.

    I will be botting on 2-4 accounts at once, probably f2p since I don't have money to buy membership and losing it. I will show my my progress in this thread. (Donations are appreciate lol). I will update whenever I feel like it. I feel like this is going to take a while, and I will be making new accounts and suicide bot on them. Please bare with me.

    05.06.2017 - Made 2 accounts, one got banned and one is still alive. Made 40k profit, lol. Great start.

    06.06.2017 - Made 2 new accounts, going to get them started. Have 3 bots now, probably getting banned soon lmao, but I'll try! Transferred 15 k from one bot, profit is made lmao. 


    14.06.2017 - All of my bots are banner. 0 profit lol.
                         Made two new botting accounts, will bot more carefully


    16.06.2017 - Transferred 118k to mule, best profit so far :)


    17.06.2017 - Transferred 162k to mule, no bans yet :)

    Current profit transferred to mule: 335k

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    Good luck! Breaks will help, as well as diversifying your methods up every few days. (Perhaps run a Quest script or go bot another skill)

    I've found training crafting(leather gloves), or lighting the fires in lummy bank to be a good way to boost up lvls)

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    Just keep going with it, profit is still profit, starting small is the only way to grow.


    Getting banned is just the nature of botting, keep up the profits! 


    GL :D

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    You started with nothing, and now you have 55k profit. It's not like you lost anything. So step your game up and get some more profit.

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