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  • Green Tanner [Auto Mule Support] | Free Teamviewer Support!


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    Supports : Leather, Hard Leather, Green/Red/Blue/Black D'Hide




    THIS IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS. (Linux support will come soon)

    Make sure the mule's world is 308 For F2p, 322 for P2P! Choose Al Kharid location in Mule's GUI(Green Muler script). No Exceptions!

    The Tanner should start in any world except the mule's world ( 308/322 )

    Use along with Green Muler and read instructions: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/10200-green-muler-only-used-with-green-scripts/


    Start with either:

    1)Bronze sword in inventory(The one from tutorial island)(It will use that to get your hides and coins from the mule),



    This might be complex for the very first time, however becomes a piece of cake eventually! For this i am offering free teamviewer support where i can guide you to get your farm started!

    See it in action + explanation! https://streamable.com/m8y1a


    Get it from : https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=payments&section=store&do=item&id=255

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    If Muler has to be on a different client, do I need VIP?


    No, the max basic amount is tab based, not client based. You can have 2 clients running aslong as each of them has 1 tab running


    Does this only tan cowhides?


    So far, yes. Overhaul possible on request

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    Just bought this! Very excited to try it out!


    Glad to hear it, i'm fairly confident that it's "Flawless" if you follow the instructions well, but if you need help, let me know and i can tv you!

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