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  • Green Muler (Only used with Green Scripts)


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    The Mule part of the scripts. This script is useless alone, and is useless when not used with "Green" Scripts.


    The mule has to be chosen from the account manager

    Mule location : Kharid or Varrock right now only. Choose the location based on the Green script you're using it with.


    Very important! :

    1) Make sure your profile is the mule account and run the script and make sure to choose the relevant world based on the Green Script!

    2) Mule has to be on a different client. I recommend you use https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/10199-userhome-setup/

    3) Mule and the Farming bot have to be on the same computer/ VM . Feel free to use proxies, aslong as it's the same computer. You can have MuleX + Bot 1-9 on PC-A , MuleY + Bot A-G on PC-B

    4) Mules and Botters can not have spaces in their names



    If you want a farming method supported by Green muler, please feel free to contact me!

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    Hey the mule isnt working after the update




    Just ran it, works perfectly, most scripts don't function correctly after updates until Nezz works his magic and fixes the hooks. Let me know if it's still bugging out for you, and more info would be appreciated ^^

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