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Found 30 results

  1. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports food Supports potions Supports banking Supports special attacks Supports world hopping when crashed You can set it to roam around attacking crabs You can set it to afk at one position Supports picking up arrows, darts, knives, javelins and thrownaxes Resets aggressivity Cool informative paint 16/7 customer support Start the script at the spot you want to bot on! Gallery @lights out137 @killfeed77 @dantizzle @germanguy45 @germanguy45 @lights out137 @spacebucketfu @dantizzle @dantizzle @Donald Trump @dantizzle @Hashtag @Hashtag @Hashtag To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
  2. New rewritten version for DreamBot 3 (20th of September, 2020) Features: Trains Attack / Strength / Defence / Hitpoints near Lumbridge. Once the player dies it will collect its equipment and continue training. Trains skills to certain levels with a task system. User can add as many tasks as (s)he wants. Once all the tasks are done the player will run to Lumbridge and logout. Supports QuickStart. F2P / P2P melee training method. QuickStart: Write a location where to train. Write the skill you wish to train. Choose a level between 2 to 99 for when to stop training. Write as many tasks as you wish separated by &. Example: -params "Farm East;Defence;40&Swamp;Attack;40&River;Strength;50" Instructions: Have your weapon and armor equipped before starting the script. Do not have anything in your inventory. Add tasks with a location and the skill to train. Have Accept Aid off. Feedback: Gallery: (watch the video in fullscreen so you can actually see something) Other: Feel free to give the script a rating on the store. You may also post a proggy to the thread. If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know. Upvote the thread and comment for a trial.
  3. Roma

    Warriors Guild

    WarriorGuildDefender Version 1.1c is now on the SDN! Features Farms defenders (from none to dragon) High level alchemy support Advanced condition based antiban with individual antiban profiles Ability to change the antiban settings Option to farm rune defenders only (for zerks) Buys food and pots from the NPCs in warriors guild Supports all types of armor (black+ recommended, as it does not disappear) Supports most food Ability to select how many tokens to get before entering the cyclopes room Supports attack cape Supports all potions The bot will equip the best defender Supports most special attacks Switches attack styles (toggleable) XP tracker Good XP and GP/hr Requirements Start the script at warriors guild, have nothing in your inventory except for your best defender (if you got one) and tokens (if you got any). The defender can be equipped on start. Make sure you are logged in before starting the script, set the camera zoom to default and disable roofs. You obviously must have the selected armor in your bank to get tokens. Other information The user interface contains a "help" button. Press the button to learn more about the script settings. The antiban status will be displayed in the client console (Tools->debugging->debug console). On start it will print, what parts of the antiban have been enabled for your account based on the settings/profile. Post your proggy and i'll add it to the topic @Loli From no defender to rune (V 1.0): Review by @EdTheGreat To get a 24 hour trial: Upvote this post by clicking the button below Post that you have upvoted You can purchase this script here ($4.99) You can buy this script for OSRS GP by purchasing a voucher. PM @Prime on forums/discord for more information. If you got any suggestions or bug reports please contact me on forums or discord Change log
  4. Hoodz


    HoodzSlayer Features Slayer - Slayer masters: Turael & Nieve (Steve) - Virtual tasks, allows you to kill your own selected NPCs! - Automatically chooses the best NPCs - Will skip unsupported tasks - Option to skip metal dragon tasks Combat - Special attack support - Advanced combat logic for every task - Combat style swapping - Looting - Protection prayer support Gear - Customisable - Auto detects needed gear for special tasks (no need to add them yourself, because it will replace the slots) - Armour state checking - Barrows armour repairing - Trident/blowpipe recharging Health - Guthans - Bones to peaches - Saradomin godsword - Food - Boosting potions - Restoration potions - Auto detects pools in POH GUI - Easy to use GUI - Informative - Load & save profiles for faster loading Paint - General paint for information such as combat and slayer xp - Interactive - Loot list, a quick way to discover your GP gains - Setting tab to check your settings Stats - Follow your progress of your account - Tracks: combat & slayer xp, money made, time run, tasks completed - http://www.pumba.org/users.php Support - Frequently updated - Private message me for any bugs - Fast bug fixing/features added - Always up for suggestions! The future - Vannaka is going to be added very soon (currently disabled) - Bone burying - Alch support - Herb sack support - Armour repairing/recharging support - Superior NPCs - Cancelling tasks - World hopping - All of these features can be added easily thanks to the script framework! Requirements Teleports - House required - Mounted glory in house required (if requested I can add non-mounted glory too) NOTE: might actually work without glory - Nardah teleport scrolls - Mos'le harmless teleport scrolls (only for Cave horrors) - Elf camp teleport (only for Elves) - Slayer ring (optional) (dark beasts requires this) - Trollheim teleport (only for spiritual creatures task) - Kourend teleport (only for lesser/greater/black demons) OR Xerics talisman - Battlefront teleport for hydra, drakes and wyrms - Xeric's talisman (optional) - Necklace of passage (only for desert lizards) - Lunar isle teleport scrolls (OR lunar isle teleport in house) - Piscatoris teleport scrolls (only for kraken task) - If you don't have the following portals in your house you need to have these tabs: Varrock, lumbridge, falador, camelot - Teleports with redirections are optional - Ring of duelings - Games necklaces - Spirit tree (optional) (need to have glory in house!) - Brimhaven teleports (if no glory) - House teleports - Fenkenstrain’s castle teleports (if no slayer rings and no kharyll portal in your house) Slayer items - Leaf bladed battleaxe - Rock hammer - Spiny helmet (replacable with slayer helmet) - Nose peg (replacable with slayer helmet) - Earmuffs (replacable with slayer helmet) - Ice coolers - Witchwood icon - Facemask (replacable with slayer helmet) - Boots of stone Other items - Lightsource: Bullseye lantern (be sure its lit) - Anti dragon shield (OR dfs) - Elemental shield (wyverns) - Antidote++ potions - Extended antifire potions - Slayer gem (or ring/slayer helmet) - Shantay passes - Food Instructions Start the script with a slayer helmet/enchanted gem/slayer ring and some house tabs Close to a bank for best results Before selecting gear/prayers for npcs, select your master or npcs first! (otherwise they will be reset) Superiors are not supported Tzhaar & lizardman are currently not supported Notes Requirements will be update frequently DISABLE all warnings at doomsayer in lumbridge Bronze/iron/steel dragons require a one time payment of 5k trading sticks at Banisoch http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Banisoch All tasks will be completed at slayer only areas if possible Not all tasks are supported right now, block them if possible Gargoyles need auto smasher enabled for now Media More tutorials/media will be uploaded soon Discord Private message me for rank: https://discord.gg/xafBmZs Its possible to request for trials now, visit the discord and request it in the channel called: trial-requests.
  5. Buffman


    BUFF COW KILL&TAN About You can choose to only kill cows at Lumbridge(with or without bank) or only tan cowhide in Al-Kharid or do both kill and then tan collected hide. Requirements Need appropriate cow killing gear ( if killing cows ) Cowhide ( if only tanning ) Money in bank for tanning and gate costs. Key Features Ability to decide quantity hide collected before heading to tanner Ability to select from soft or hard leather Ability to choose Tanning,killing, or both Profit and profit/hour Paint Profit for tanning will only be calculated on the difference between cowhide and leather costs Log off after gold runs out Ability to have banking when only killing cows or not Profits Very dependent on combat level and equipment Wiki suggests 50k/hour if combat level 20 https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Killing_cows_and_tanning_cowhide Developer Log - Added - Combat skills or Combat level goal to log off at added Script now stops as well as logs off when run out (only tanning) Ability to disable yellow paint or all paint calculation -To Do - Custom Breaks Random events GUI Paint
  6. Manly Fighter Simple, single NPC focused fighter Features: Eats any food in your inventory when below 40-50% hp. Stops when out of food and low HP. Fast combat. Single NPC focused Walks to NPCs if they are unreachable/not on screen even through obstacles.
  7. Xephy's Gargoyle Slayer - $4.99 What it does: This script kills gargoyles using the slayer skill's auto rock hammer ability for insane GP/H. - Supports salve graveyard teleport tabs and kharyrll teleport tabs to bank. - Supports SGS spec, Super attack/strengths, Super combats. - Intelligent break handling - Supports Guthans - Supports alching Requirements: - 75 slayer - Decent combat level - Desert treasure completed* (only when using kharyll teleports) - Auto Rock-hammer slayer unlock - Nose peg or Slayer helmet Instructions: - If alching items: Bring sufficient nature & fire runes & ensure that the maximum alch value is over 100k (right click alch button) - If using guthans: Make sure it isn't close to breaking - Have a ring of wealth equipped (Ensure "Coin looting" is toggled "ON") - Start the script with your intended gear equipped - Start the script with Nose peg or Slayer helmet in your inventory - Have enough teleports in your inventory to sustain yourself. It will NOT grab teleports. Inventory example below: Purchase here Any bugs found can be reported in this discord channel: https://discord.gg/9csKjas Script Review: Proggies: Update log: Message me on discord for more active responses! *Trials will be given at my discretion*
  8. Bultenen

    Combat Scripting

    Hello! I've been scripting alot now, i've got former experience in C#, java and so forth. This is my fifth banwave now, lost around 50 accounts by simply scripting and testing the scripts out. I made a tutorial island script wich works good, and a quest script wich does romeo and juliet and goblin diplomacy to get the 10 QP you need to release the trade restrictions. But my accounts nevere ever last to >24 hour playtime to remove the trade restriction and be able to mule my gold. No matter what i do. I don't blame the client, the client is amazing. But i would like to know how you reduce ban rates? , i understand that botting directly after tut island is a big deal breaker. So i let the accounts sleep for 1-3 days before i start doing anything. I even played manually to around 50 Combat Level and then started botting, but i still get banned lol. I would also like to get some inputs on a few things if some of you have some time to answer my noob questions i would be happy 1. Does doing random things reduce ban rates alot? For example if i kill goblins in lumbridge and alterate it randomly to go fish in lumbridge swamp will it impact the ban rates? 2. Covert mode Is covert mode worth it? it seems like my ban rates goes up while i use it, really. 3. Is it worth to make random mouse movements and sleeps? I made a ridicoulus Chocolate Caking script, where i ONLY used Sleepuntil -> Action is done. And it took cakes + chocolate bars from bank in GE after buying them and simply combined all of them to Chocolate cakes, banked and repeated it. I tried to bot that on one of my really old accounts with high stats, it got banned within 10 minutes lol. FYI i don't use proxies, i only reset my ip on my router so i get a new one.
  9. Hi eveyone, thought I would share my cow killer script. It takes breaks between actions, with times from a gamma distribution whose shape is defined by the action type. It collects hides and banks when inventory is full. It also opens that pesky gate if trying to attack a cow outside the pen. It doesn't cook meat or eat or care about health, so kill a few chickens or goblins first before botting on a new account (the script can be edited to include a different area/different target NPC/different loot). Remember to bot responsibly, and let me know if you have any problems or suggestions! import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Tile; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.NPC; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.items.GroundItem; @ScriptManifest(author = "fractal", name = "FractalCowKiller", category = Category.COMBAT, version = 1.0, description = "Kills cows, loots their hides, and banks") public class CowKiller extends AbstractScript { public enum actionTypes { walking, interactive, spam, afk } int walkingShape; int runningShape; int interactiveShape; int spamShape; int scale; int reaction; // minimum wait between actions int patience; // minimum wait between running to a new spot while still running. patience is doubled while walking int latency = 250; // how long does it take the game to register your actions? change this depending on CPU/RAM/lag Area cowPen = new Area(new Tile(3265, 3296), new Tile(3253, 3255)); int cowHide = 1739; int gate = 1558; @Override public int onLoop() { farmHides(); return 0; } public void onStart(){ reaction = Calculations.random(200,400); patience = Calculations.random(1500, 3000); walkingShape = Calculations.random(2,5); runningShape = Calculations.random(2,4); interactiveShape = Calculations.random(2,4); spamShape = 1; scale = Calculations.random(400,1000); // proxy for variables in your physical environment affecting your attention } public int farmHides() { String[] targets = {"Cow", "Cow calf"}; Integer[] loot = {cowHide}; if (getInventory().isFull()) { bankItems(loot, false); } else { combatLoot(targets, loot, cowPen); } return 1; } public void combatLoot(String[] targets, Integer[] loot, Area area) { if (!area.contains(getLocalPlayer())) { go(area); } else if (!getLocalPlayer().isInCombat()){ NPC target = getNpcs().closest(t -> t!= null && !t.isInCombat() && elem(t.getName(), targets)); GroundItem prize = getGroundItems().closest(loot); if (prize != null && target != null && prize.distance(getLocalPlayer()) < target.distance(getLocalPlayer())) { prize.interact("Take"); sleep(latency); sleepUntil(()-> !getLocalPlayer().isMoving(), 60000); antiban(actionTypes.interactive); } else if (target != null && !getLocalPlayer().isInCombat()) { GameObject g = getGameObjects().closest(o -> o.getID() == gate); if (!area.contains(target) && g.hasAction("Open")) { g.interact("Open"); } else if (target.interact("Attack")) { sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().isInCombat(), 60000); sleepUntil(() -> !getLocalPlayer().isInCombat(), 60000); } antiban(actionTypes.interactive); } } else { sleepUntil(() -> !getLocalPlayer().isInCombat(), 60000); } } public void bankItems(Integer[] itemIDs, boolean all) { if (!getBank().isOpen()) { getBank().open(getBank().getClosestBankLocation()); antiban(actionTypes.interactive); } else { if (all) { getBank().depositAllItems(); antiban(actionTypes.interactive); getBank().close(); antiban(actionTypes.interactive); } else { getBank().depositAll(item -> elem(item.getID(), itemIDs)); antiban(actionTypes.interactive); getBank().close(); antiban(actionTypes.interactive); } } } public boolean elem (Object elem, Object[] list){ for (int i = 0; i < list.length; i++){ if (list[i].equals(elem)){ return true; } } return false; } public void go(Area area) { if (!area.contains(getLocalPlayer())) { getWalking().walk(area.getRandomTile()); antiban(actionTypes.walking); } } public void antiban(actionTypes action) { if (action == actionTypes.walking) { if(getWalking().isRunEnabled()) { int time = (int) (Calculations.nextGammaRandom(runningShape, scale)) + patience; sleep(latency); sleepUntil(() -> !getLocalPlayer().isMoving(), time); } else { int time = (int) (Calculations.nextGammaRandom(walkingShape, scale)) + patience * 2; sleep(latency); sleepUntil(() -> !getLocalPlayer().isMoving(), time); } } else if (action == actionTypes.interactive) { int time = (int) (Calculations.nextGammaRandom(interactiveShape, scale)) + reaction; sleep(time); } else if (action == actionTypes.spam){ int time = (int) (Calculations.nextGammaRandom(spamShape, scale)) + reaction; sleep(time); } } }
  10. Short description: This bot trains on the guards in Varrock and banks at the Grand Exchange. It is great for training f2p accounts to mid level combat. You can also train range however it does not pick up arrows. Features: GUI: The GUI allows for you to select your food type. It also allows you to select whether or not to use strength potions. Paint: Track exp gained, exp/hr and time ran. Breaks: The script takes automatic breaks that vary in length between 100 seconds and 1000 seconds. Before starting the script: - Have auto retaliate on - Wear the gear you intend on using - Select the attack style you intend on using - Have the food you are using in your bank - Have strength potions of any (X) in your bank if intending on using strength potions - Place you player in the Grand Exchange with your inventory empty Screen shots: GUI: Paint:
  11. looking for a script to run in warriors guild on the shot putt. 1 click super energy, 1 click shot putt, 1 click throw, repeat. And would be nice if script could bank for more super energy potions, run down stairs to guild bank get more pots and repeat ;p let me know thanks,
  12. think that a script for Ankous in the stronghold of security would be decent. you can get good exp there a long with making some money. Some nice features would be to be able to select loot to have picked up (mainly stackables) Also supporting bones to peaches tabs.
  13. Buying OSRS accounts with skills between 20/20/20 and 50/50/50 (STR, ATT, DEF OR RANGE) PM me, on discord #0469 gus_2411
  14. looking for a combat script that will kill the Minotaur's in the barbarian dungeon willing to pay for it but must be working and would prefer if i got to test it out b4 buying Thanks !
  15. (NOTE: Not sure if this is wrong section for projects but if s then please move it, thanks) Hello DreamBot community So I've recently just come back to OSRS and you know how it is... bot bot bot lol! Anyway OT, I've stared making a script to kill the Aviansie within the Wilderness Godwars area and spent about 2-3 hours writing it so far; its not a lot but HOWEVER, one of the main reason I'm writing this is to learn the Dreambot API whilst learning a bit more Java(Not touched programming in over 3 years!). So I will be posting my source code here for people to give constructive criticism to help me eventually get better with the API. Also eventually you guys can have the script.jar file also for you who just want the script, not the code Start:conditions: Player must have a amulet of glory with at-least two charges(Req'd to start script!). It will also be recommended to have a decent range weapon+bolts/arrows(DUH?) and have a Armadyl+Zamarok item equipped. Also a looting bag, prayer potions(15-20) and range potions(2) within their inventory. Basic script functionality: (WHILST IN WILD ALWAYS CHECK FOR PKERS AND TELEPORT IF SEEN; END SCRIPT) 1)Start by teleporting to Edge using a glory IF the player has a glory with 2 or more charges. 2)Walk to wilderness ditch and cross over it 3)Walk to Wilderness GWD cave entrance and enter it 4)Interact with boulder and cross over it then enter the GWD area. 5)Find a suitable Aviansie(combat levels 69, 71, 79, 81(lower levels to increase GP gain p/h)) to attack and attack it. 6)IF there are addy bars, grimmy rannar, rune daggers, rune limbs or Aviansie heads on the floor then pick them up. 7)IF player has grimmy rannar, rune daggers, rune limbs or Aviansie heads within their inventory then place them into the looting bag. 8)Drink a prayer potion when the player needs prayer points. 9)Drink range potion if range level equals current_range_level plus 5. 10)When player runs out of prayer potions teleport to edge using a glory. 11)Got to bank and Deposit all inventory items(depositing looting bag contents also?). 12)withdraw 20 prayer potions, 2 ranging potions and the looting bag. 13)IF the player has items mention in above step restart script from step 2 ELSE end script. Well thats pretty much everything that the script will contain hopefully. I've only really got concerns about emptying the looting bag contents within the bank and figuring out if there's a Pking on the prowl but I'll try my best to work them out when I get to it. So far I've done 1-5 in the list above and would like so comments on if the code is bad, then why and how could I improve it (NOTE: I've done this in a Node based framework so there's no point me pasting Main.java) TaskFrame.java: package com; import org.dreambot.api.methods.MethodContext; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Tile; public abstract class TaskFrame { protected MethodContext c; protected Area gwdArea() { Area gwdArea = Area.generateArea(7, new Tile(3025, 10160)); return gwdArea; } protected boolean atGWD() { return gwdArea() != null && gwdArea().contains(c.getLocalPlayer().getTile()); } public int priority () { return 0; } public TaskFrame(MethodContext context) { this.c = context; } public abstract boolean validate(); public abstract int execute(); } Walk.java package Tasks; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.MethodContext; import org.dreambot.api.methods.container.impl.equipment.EquipmentSlot; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Tile; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.NPC; import com.Main; import com.TaskFrame; public class Walk extends TaskFrame { private int walkStage = 2; public Walk(MethodContext c) { super(c); } private boolean walkInteract(Tile tile, int objectID, String option) { if (c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(tile) > 5) { c.getWalking().walk(tile); MethodContext.sleepUntil(() -> c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(tile) > 5, Calculations.random(2500) + 3000); return false; } else { c.getGameObjects().closest(objectID).interact(option); walkStage++; return true; } } @Override public boolean validate() { return !atGWD(); } @Override public int priority() { return 1; } @Override public int execute() { MethodContext .log("Walk stage: " + walkStage + " Player coords: X: " + c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().getX() + " Y: " + c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().getY() + " Z: " + c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().getZ()); switch (walkStage) { case 0: if (c.getEquipment().slotContains(EquipmentSlot.AMULET.getSlot(), "Amulet of glory(4)") || c.getEquipment().slotContains(EquipmentSlot.AMULET.getSlot(), "Amulet of glory(3)") || c.getEquipment().slotContains(EquipmentSlot.AMULET.getSlot(), "Amulet of glory(2)")) { MethodContext.log("Player has glory; Teleporting to Edgeville!"); c.getEquipment().open(); MethodContext.sleepUntil(() -> c.getEquipment().open(), Calculations.random(7500) + 5000); c.getEquipment().getItemInSlot(EquipmentSlot.AMULET.getSlot()).interact("Edgeville"); walkStage++; } else { Main.log("Need amulet of glory with atleast 2 charges equiped to start!"); } break; case 1: Main.log("Walking to wilderness ditch"); walkInteract(new Tile(3089, 3521, 0), 23271, "cross"); break; case 2: Main.log("Walking to gwd entrance!"); walkInteract(new Tile(3016, 3738, 0), 26766, "Enter"); break; case 3: Main.log("walking to boulder"); Tile nextToBoulderTile = new Tile(3055, 10165, 3); c.getWalking().walk(nextToBoulderTile); MethodContext.sleepUntil(() -> c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(nextToBoulderTile) >= 1, Calculations.random(2500) + 1000); if (c.getLocalPlayer().getTile().distance(new Tile(3055, 10165, 3)) <= 1) { walkStage++; } break; case 4: NPC boulder = c.getNpcs().closest(6621); if (boulder != null && boulder.isOnScreen() && boulder.interactForceLeft("Move")) { Main.log("interacting(moving) with boulder"); MethodContext.sleep(4000, 5000); walkStage++; } break; case 5: Main.log("interacting with crevice -> Enter gwd!"); c.getGameObjects().closest(26767).interactForceLeft("Use"); walkStage++; break; case 6: c.getWalking().walk(new Tile(3026, 10163)); break; } return Calculations.random(500, 2000); } } Attack.java package Tasks; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.MethodContext; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.NPC; import com.TaskFrame; public class Attack extends TaskFrame { private NPC avToAttack; private boolean inCombat = false; public Attack(MethodContext context) { super(context); } @Override public boolean validate() { return c.getLocalPlayer().canAttack() && atGWD(); } @Override public int execute() { int aviansieID[] = { 3169, 3177, 3181, 3179 }; NPC attackbleAvs[] = new NPC[aviansieID.length]; for (int i = 0; i < aviansieID.length; i++) { attackbleAvs[i] = c.getNpcs().closest(aviansieID[i]); } avToAttack = attackbleAvs[Calculations.random(4)]; inCombat = avToAttack != null && avToAttack.isOnScreen() && !avToAttack.isInCombat() && avToAttack.interactForceLeft("Attack"); MethodContext.sleepUntil(() -> !inCombat, Calculations.random(1500) + 3000); return 1159; } }
  16. If you're worried about buying accounts from me, I have sold accounts from over 6 months ago to users and I have no negative feedback. Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Terms of Service: I am not responsible for the account after ownership has been transferred to you (e.g. bans). I have the right to refuse selling to you without giving a reason. I can change the terms of service whenever I want. Contact: Talk to me on Discord: Man16#4811
  17. WillDB

    [S] NMZ Accounts

    NMZ Levelled and Quested Accounts. CURRENT STOCK: 3 All accounts come with a minimum of 70 att, 60 str/def and all quests required to run MTD NMZ. *Accounts may come with higher combat stats *Some accounts may come with some days of membership, but I cannot guarantee membership on every account. 1. Pictures of the account stats A Minimum of: 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) None 4. Pictures of the quests completed 5. The price you will be starting bids at 20m 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 30m 7. The methods of payment you are accepting OSRS GP 8. Your trading conditions Buyer goes first, or we use a trusted Middleman 9. Pictures of the account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address All accounts bought at level 3. No Email set.
  18. Im looking for a script to run at the warriors guild on the shot put for pure strength xp. any1 got one for this !!! bassically drink super energy potion 1 click, 1 click on shot putt , 1 click on type of throw and repeat. and of course bank down stairs refill on super energy pots and back upstairs. pretty simple . Let me know.
  19. Hello all. I'm back to scripting. Been since 2010 since I've done anything. I'm going to be an iron man and doing my own scripts. Currently what I'm doing is I'm tracking the location of the NPC i'm attacking and then waiting until it despawns and I hope that the location that I've last tracked is the location where the loot appears. I'm usually right but often the NPC dies when it's moving around so my last tracked position is one tile off. I'm using this code: GroundItem pickup = getGroundItems().closest(item -> item.getName().equals("Bones") && (deadPositionX == item.getX()) && (deadPositioY) == item.getY()); Bones is the example, deadPositionX and Y are the last tracked spot, I'm updating the location of the NPC every cycle within a while loop in combat. I cannot simply just take +/- 1 of my X/Y position because of this: The IGNORE is the true closest item to me, the PICKUP is the one dropped by the monster I am facing. Is the solution to this problem just to find NPCs that don't move around a lot when I'm attacking them? Thank you. Edit: Added picture of my logger.
  20. Selling some combat accounts. All rested and humanlike names. GOOD QUALITY! These account are perfect for money making with combat methods. I can make custom orders too, call me on discord. Account 1: Perfect for money making methods Price : 10M each - 9M Stock: 2 - 1 Account 2: -SOLD Perfect for money making methods Price : 17M 15M each!!!!!! Stock: 1
  21. So I've been working on this combat script for a while, it works like charm and I decided to add a loot feature. The things is it keeps messing up alot. I tried making it attack then loot, but then it attacked and ran straight for a loot somewhere close. And i've tried a bunch of other things and this is what I want to do. Attack my NPC, WAIT until my npc is DEAD and then check for loot on those tiles that my enemy was standing at. Here are some things I have so far (I have some more but this will get you the gist of the script) NPC cows= getNpcs().closest("Cows"); Area fightingArea = new Area(cows.getTile()); if (cown.getInteractingCharacter() == null){ cown.interact("Attack"); sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().getInteractingCharacter() != null, 4253); } while (getLocalPlayer().getInteractingCharacter() != null){ sleepUntil(() -> cows.getInteractingCharacter() == null, 9000); } if (getLocalPlayer().getInteractingCharacter() != null){ if (fightingArea.contains(cowHides) || fightingArea.contains(bones) || fightingArea.contains(meat)) { cowHides.interact("Take"); sleepUntil(() -> getInventory().count("Cowhide") > InvCowHide, 5621); bones.interact("Take"); sleepUntil(() -> getInventory().count("Bones") > InvBones, 5621); beef.interact("Take"); sleepUntil(() -> getInventory().count("Raw beef") > invBeef, 5621); } } Do you guys see what the issue is? Never done a script like this before so thats why its confusing. Really appriciate all the help!
  22. NO STOCK ATM About the shop: I update my stock every week or so, make sure to check back if you are looking for a 60/60/60 account. Approx 10-15 accounts per week. If you need something specific, let me know and we can sort something out. Purpose of accounts: These accounts are good for goldfarming methods which require combat e.g. green dragons. 1. Stats of the account Every account has some misc levels in some skills such as 20 agility, 10 fishing and etc. 2. Account status All accounts have no blackmarks. All accounts have human-like names. Most accounts have membership remaining - about 100k per day. 4. Quests 7 QPs. If you want NMZ quests done on any account, it will add 10m to the price. 5. Wealth Empty bank, no wealth. 6/7. Price If you want to buy a couple, I can do a special deal with you. Speak to me on discord. Prices here are guidelines for what I'm expecting. 60/60/60 - ~13m. 6?/6?/60 - ~15m. 70/70/60 - ~18m. 8. Payment methods I take BTC, you pay all fees. I take OSRS GP. 9. Trading conditions You go first every time unless I deem you trusted. We can use a middleman at your expense. 10. Previous owners I am the original owner of every account. Unverified emails. Terms & Conditions: I can change the terms and conditions at any time. I can refuse any order I want. I am not responsible for bans/account locks after the deal has been made. Accounts which are sold survive morning bans, therefore it is not my fault. All accounts are botted using private scripts. By purchasing, you agree to these terms and conditions. Prices are subject to change due to accounts still being trained whilst the shop is active. Contact Me: I'm in the DreamBot discord server. Discord - Man16#4811 Forums - PM Me
  23. CLICK HERE TO BUY GUI: Proggy's: Request a trial: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/9319-nex-trial-requests-please-post-here-to-request-a-script-trial Log: 3/8/2017 V1.0 initial release 3/10/2017 V1.1 Smoother paint 3/11/2017 V1.2 Not eating bug fixed 3/11/2017 V1.3 New banking method added 4/1/2017 V1.4 GUI added with multiple types of food 4/6/2017 V1.5 New location added (north beta)
  24. Hey, I wanted to know something about the break system, The break system is a big part of my botting experience, and i wanted to know if there is any feature involved making sure i dont die, I mean lets say im running none's ourania altar script, half of the time im running through NPC's that can attack me/kill me. If my character is in combat, will the break still begin following the duration in the settings?
  25. Selling combat lvl 36 has a total level of 321 Looking for osrs gold - offer me no email attatched http://prntscr.com/egt74b
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