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  1. Not sure about your JSON library you're using, but this works for getting the data. URL url = new URL("https://storage.googleapis.com/osbuddy-exchange/summary.json"); InputStream is = url.openConnection().getInputStream(); BufferedReader BR = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is)); String all = BR.lines().collect(Collectors.joining()); Something tells me you have an issue with how you're parsing the JSON data.
  2. NovaGTX

    [B] Prime accts

    Who got the hookup for prime accts hmu
  3. Great, if you need anything else lemme know.
  4. if (hopper.interact()) { int temp = getInventory().count(12011); sleepUntil(() -> !hasDirt(), Calculations.random(2000, 4000)); if ((temp * 256) + getPlayerSettings().getConfig(375) >= 20000) { sleepUntil(() -> getPlayerSettings().getConfig(375) >= 20000, Calculations.random(5000, 10000)); } } Here's a snippet from a MLM script I made a long time ago. Should probably update it to do bitwise shift for the calculation of the PD but this does work AFAIK.
  5. I think you meant Nova instead of Nex but it’s okay
  6. Well your assumption is wrong, and if you genuinely want advice I’d focus more on understanding rather than optimization at this point. To answer your question, I’d always recommend a for loop if you know the number of iterations you need rather than a while loop. Don’t call the getState() function directly in your onloop or in your paint, instead create a variable and assign the state function to your variable.
  7. Do you know how programming works? Using a nested if statement would use less RAM if it could exit on the first condition. Pro tip: Create an additional thread and nest 19 while loops to check every ground item that your client has rendered.
  8. I am going to assume the issue was resolved.
  9. Have you tried edgeville? Let me know if the issue persists. If it does can you check the debug console and paste what it says here.
  10. NovaGTX

    Motherlode pathing

    I wrote this a loooooong time ago and it's trash. Could definitely be improved, but it works. You'll need to adjust the coordinates of the objects to where your path goes. I believe this is setup to go out the north west of the first area. LocalPath<Tile> Dest = getWalking().getAStarPathFinder().calculate(getLocalPlayer().getTile(), pathTile); getWalking().getAStarPathFinder().addObstacle(new DestructableObstacle("Rockfall", "Mine", new Tile(3730, 5683, 0), new Tile(3730, 5683, 0), new Tile(3731, 5683, 0))); getWalking().getAStarPathFinder().addObstacle(new DestructableObstacle("Rockfall", "Mine", new Tile(3732, 5680, 0), new Tile(3732, 5680, 0), new Tile(3733, 5680, 0))); getWalking().getAStarPathFinder().addObstacle(new DestructableObstacle("Rockfall", "Mine", new Tile(3727, 5682, 0), new Tile(3727, 5682, 0), new Tile(3727, 5683, 0))); if (getGameObjects() .closest(r -> r != null && r.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("Rockfall") && r.distance() < 2) != null && !getMap().canReach(pathTile)) { if (getGameObjects().closest(r -> r != null && r.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("Rockfall")) .interact()) { sleepUntil(() -> isMining(), Calculations.random(2000, 3000)); sleepUntil(() -> !isMining(), Calculations.random(2000, 3000)); } } getWalking().walk(Dest.next()); sleepUntil(() -> getWalking().getDestinationDistance() < 3, Calculations.random(2800, 3500));
  11. Did it work or is there a legit issue?
  12. Have you tried deleting your jagex cache?
  13. What does the debug console show? Are you sure you input your password correctly?
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