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  1. sleepUntil(()-> getWalking().getDestinationDistance() == 0, Calculations.random(30000, 60000));
  2. Fixed the script. Pushing the update now, should be approved soon™.
  3. Than you all for your reports. I will look into it this weekend and post an update when here when I can.
  4. Can you post the debug console & or how you're calling the function
  5. By the way, You need to check if the interface 312 != null before calling the for each loop.
  6. Try deleting your cache located in "C:/Users/{You}/jagexcache"
  7. for (WidgetChild i : getWidgets().getWidget(312).getChildren()) { for (WidgetChild j : i.getChildren()) { if (j != null && j.getItem().getID() == 1205) { j.interact(); } } } If you want to future-proof your script you can use this. It will work even if they change the widgets for the interface due to the fact that it is based on the item id. I already set the iron platebody id.
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