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  1. What type of user are you? (Scripter, casual user, heavy user) Scripter, Articron's simp child How many bots do you usually run at one time? Depending on the season 30-60. How long have you used DreamBot? Since 2016
  2. This is a common recommendation I make to new scripters. See the post I linked.
  3. I suggest looking into a script structure rather than a bunch of nested if statements. getDialogue() is always useful. Here's a link to a post I've referenced for people new to scripting.
  4. Why not just create a Timer and log the elapsed time when finished?
  5. Use a Map (google if you're not familiar) Edit: I'm feeling helpful here you go: Map<String, Integer> limits = new HashMap<String, Integer>(){{ put("death rune", 10000); put("law rune", 12000); put("nature rune", 12000); put("chaos rune", 12000); put("steel bar", 10000); put("yew logs", 12000); }}; Use the toLowercase() function when iterating through the map keys to avoid issues with capitalization.
  6. DB doesn't support GPU rendering. If it did a single RTX 2080 would be insane lol would still require a lot of ram tho.
  7. If you bot on account it's not a matter of IF you will be banned but WHEN. If you don't want the account banned (your main) don't bot on it. But yes you would need to use a regex for replace. Or just use a substring and find the space.
  8. Have you verified that the widget's string only contains numbers? Edit: I think you left the space between coins and the value. Change "coins" to " coins" perhaps?
  9. just a tip. You should never call the getState() function where you don't need to. Instead, assign it to a variable within your onLoop and call the variable.
  10. You probably have a null pointer that is causing the script to infinitely loop and never successfully kills the script. Use the debug log.
  11. You have two plus signs in the line with nothing between them. This will cause an error, but I'm surprised you never saw this. What IDE are you using?
  12. You could use A*PathFinder and add a custom obstacle for the gate
  13. What structure are you using? You're extending the AbstractScript class so it's not a Task System. If you have a ton of nested if statements I suggest you look into a basic state structure. Here's a writeup I have given in the past:
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