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  1. I've been false banned on an account before and had it quashed because of runelite's world hopper. There are 100% legitimate false bans, but they are very very rare. Jagex has an enormous sample size of known bot profiles to cross-reference from which is why I believe they are so accurate in banning new accounts.
  2. Welcome welcome Look forward to see what you release
  3. The correct section for this is script requests. This is for scripters to post their shops.
  4. have you tried turning off and back on again?
  5. Thanks for bringing up this issue, I'll look into it. Have you read the disclaimer on the main thread about choosing a low ping world? *Edit* I've found the problem... Pushing an update today.
  6. Thank you, glad you are enjoying the script. Hopefully the new update will be processed soon.
  7. I have just added this feature per your request. I am going to push the update later this afternoon.
  8. I tried to input how much but ran out of characters in the text field.
  9. Bruh y u no cum bak 2 me bic boi u kno u luv me
  10. Script Updated to v2.0, Supports making all jewellery with gems and fixed the Edgeville banking. Waiting for the update to be processed on the SDN. Let me know if you have any problems with it and I'll fix asap
  11. I'll consider it, I'm about to push an update to fix Edgeville.
  12. Are you referring to the account manager or the login screen to remember the email login
  13. Good information for the newer folks. Nice writeup, I look forward to reading the update
  14. Currently in the debugger when a player setting changes it stores each change. The only way to clear those changes is to close the client, sometimes it can get quite cluttered when dealing with a lot of player settings continuously.