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  1. Bump. Account still available. I can give you full access to the email that is linked to the account.
  2. Bump. Account still available. I can give you full access to the email that is linked to the account.
  3. Stats of the account: Account status (bans, mutes): Login screen (will remove Bank Pin once sold; 100+ mem days remaining as of today): Quests (completed): Current QP at 264. Account has Quest Cape but due to new quests cannot be worn. Account also has 100% Kourend Favour complete. Account has a ton of achievement diaries done (harder ones). Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable): Account has a bank of 100M+ in Pots/Gear/Items. Plus, it's very well organized. Account also has Augury and Rigour unlocked. Rune pouch unlocked as well + many other untradables worth value. Really nice POH for house parties + hosting gilded altars. (house worth well over 100m). I can provide images of POH. Minimum bid (price to start bids): I would like to start the bidding at $700. Autowin: Account will be immediately sold to a bid of $1,000. Payment method: PayPal ONLY. Trading conditions (middleman): Will use trusted middle man from dreambot site. I will give middle man login info; middle man will confirm that account has all of the above; buyer will send me money; once I confirm with middle man that I have received the money the middle man will give buyer the login information. Previous owners (if any): None, I am first owner.
  4. Looking to buy 45M for OSRS. At a price of $1.11 (USD). Can use paypal or other transactions.
  5. ahh i see it now. It doesn't support the regular spellbook teleport though? :/ darn .. okay, i guess the tabs will have to do for now haha. thanks!
  6. Hey lily, is there any possible way that you could add a teleport option for the seer's course? like teleporting to the cammy bank and then continuing on with the course?
  7. can i have a trial? definitely would love to purchase if script works smoothly!
  8. So if i buy the script, but cancel the monthly payment. Whenever I decide to come back and use the script, would I have to pay the 3.99 again? or would it just continue from the 1.99 monthly?