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    1. Hi there, I would like to request a refund for Hashtags AIO Money Maker, I tried the tanner and shopper bot, but made like 50K a hour.. I can do this playing without a bot in 5 minutes.. Also theres no clear instructions on how to use the bots, just a simplified brief explanation. Seemed like it would be cool and useful but I stopped using it after realizing how low profit I was getting.
    2. Hey bro, did this ever get fixed for you? Seems to be happening to me now, instead of the black screen in the chatbox, it seems to be the login screen partially staying in the chatbox causing me to not be able to sell or type anything
    3. Can I request a refund, I tried it out and played around with it last night and I was making very little money and also no break system worries me about ban rate, if possible please refund me.
    4. same pc just with a paid vpn, yes tutorial island complete accounts, thats the only thing i did different cant help u any more than that
    5. I didnt touch this at all, I just purchased a VPN and pre-made accounts, 0 ban since
    6. will my main get banned if I log into runelite on the same computer now? Never botted on it
    7. as the title says, im literally starting accounts legit and their getting banned after 30 minutes or so, I literally don't have any bots enabled, its done this for 6 accounts now.... whats going on
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