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  1. Very quick and easy transaction as always. This is my go to site for when the staking has hit me hard lol. I will be using again
  2. Another low level pure sorted. I've never once had a ban on this script, would recommend 100%.
  3. I use this script every time I make a new account. Always flawless, I can just let it go while I'm at work with no worries.
  4. Hey just purchased and I'm having problems, when set to attack portals the script just stands still in the middle until the game finishes. Any advice? EDIT After checking through the thread I see that the script is not working atm, I do like your scripts but it would be nice if you could edit the topic to reflect this. Defending the knight just runs around and doesn't give me any zeal. I usually just buy your scripts outright but maybe a trial would have been a better idea here. Could I request a refund to purchase a different PestControl? Thanks <3.
  5. Ran it while at work, remembered to get a screenshot this time. Got me an accidental Dbow rusher 10 hp 80 range lol.
  6. If I'm running 24/5, I have a "Sleep break" and several smaller ones ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours. I've had bots running all week with no problems. I rest them 2 days a week and tend to use 3 or 4 different scripts. So I'm for example not at blast furnace more than 5 days. I like to think this helps but in reality, It's just a roll of the dice and you will get banned eventually.
  7. What banks does this support? EDIT I should test things before commenting on here, the banking works perfectly. EDIT After running this for about 10 hours I have to say this has made me a RIDICULOUS amount of gp, each account paid for his bond within about 6-8 hours, It's all profit from here 😃
  8. Just bought this script, it will clear the brothers easily, but when it heads down the ladder it just stands still and doesn't move. I had to manually navigate the tomb. Any advice? "EDIT" The third time I tried this script it moves through the tomb, however I had to manually eat at 4hp. "EDIT" I wouldn't trust this script to run without supervision, but its well worth the $10 so I can watch netflix and let it do it's thing, slightly buggy but cheap and does the trick. Just a quick not that it DOES NOT kill anything in the crypt so you are at around 70% reward.
  9. "EDIT" I changed my mind about the trial, just bought it I've never had trouble with any of your scripts. Thanks 😃
  10. Bought another 30m osrs, I need to stop gambling lol, super quick and easy all within a few minutes, Like always I'll buy again