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    1. Click settings in the bottom right (next to the mouse icon) and untick disable rendering hope it helps
    2. Sandman


      Bro tysm..I had wrong characters in the arg lmao thank you
    3. Sandman


      Can someone just help....Downloaded java 16 cos that's what the intellij tutorial said, deleted old java now I can't run quickstart anymore why???
    4. Hi i can't get the slaves to bank the gp that they accept in trade, even if I stand them in the same bank I wish to use, do they have to be free of trade restrictions or higher than 10 hp or smth?
    5. nvm got it working, doesn't start with staff of air equipped, have to load gear then unequip staff or it just stands there
    6. Hey sorry I had a lot going on and didn't get to use the trial, any chance for another please? Won't forget this time xd
    7. Can't snag any trials just curious if someone can confirm/deny if any of the premium tanners are functional and if so which are? ty
    8. Hey man, I had a trial a couple of weeks back and had issues w/Eagles Peak, just wondering if everything is all good now? If so I'll likely be getting my hands on this soon, looks like the best quest bot out there
    9. https://pastebin.com/UAvvFjAA I'm clueless so hopefully this is what you're after
    10. Hey when I try to make sapphire rings in Alkharid it fails to bank the rings and goes back to the furnace with 13 rings and 13 gold bars monka
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