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  1. Thanks for the trial. Good script so far for MLM - just wanted to mention a couple improvements I noticed that would make it even better 1. The bot often goes to the north side, but waits in this area finding an ore vein for an extended period of time. it doesnt recognize the 2 available ore veins next to the 2 it already mines (https://gyazo.com/1ab7c3091181175ba2b6267dba8e0ab6). Also it could utilize the ore veins to the west so it spends more time mining and less time looking for veins. 2. The bot sometimes gets stuck when 'walking to the ore vein' which is in the narrow crevice between the two walls. the bot clicks on the ore vein too early - so the bot doesnt have a chance to walk around, resulting in getting stuck before being able to walk around and mine the rock. (https://gyazo.com/4f74625b70f6fd7877843a2beef45693)
  2. Hey, could i trial this script? Interested in the Motherload mine functionality. Thanks
  3. Hi. I have used your bot for awhile now and have noticed some weak points that could be improved: 1. When running to put the ore on the conveyer belt the bot will missclick and path to a random spot next to the conveyer belt and stand there for about 2 seconds. It doesnt happen every single time, but i'd say maybe 4 times out of 10. Maybe this is a part of the anti-ban feature. but it seems to be clicking on the exact same tile every time, I don't know how their bot detection algorithms work but I would assume that is not a favorable feature. 2. When going back to the bank chest 80% of the time the bot will path the character to the left side corner of the bank before entering it. if a jmod ever happened to use the blast furnace it would be 100% obvious you are a bot. 3. After a certain amount of time using the blast furnace, the account becomes a "experienced smither" or something and uses less coal. all of your scripts use the coal amount for the novice smither. So when i only need 2 coal the bot thinks i need 3. it's a huge waste of time and you're literally constantly adding ore that you dont need to the conveyer belt and getting the "you should collect your bars before trying to add more ore" message. Otherwise, this bot is fantastic. please fix these small errors and it will be flawless.
  4. Yes, this script is not working with the newest client. Whenever you start the script the whole screen freezes. Could you fix this?
  5. Smoke 2 doobs? weak. Smoke 3 doobs
  6. yo can I buy a 20 bag?
  7. But now what do i do with my life... GO OUTSIDE??? naw
  8. Hey whenever I start the script its logging me out instantly... why this? edit: oops sorry got it
  9. Hey my bot gets stuck between requested the dream and drinking the potion. It keeps clicking on the potion stand but does not move towards the potion so it can click on it directly. Also could you add an option for how many runs to do? For example I would just like the script to log out after 1 or 2 nmz matches. Thanks for the script!
  10. For the law alter, do the runners go into the law altar or wait outside? How long would it take to add a function so the runners could trade the crafter outside the altar? (So the 2 quests do not need to be completed) Thanks Hashtag
  11. The odd thing is I can connect through the proxy to OSRS with firefox. I changed the port to 1080, although the port that the proxy hoster sent me is different. Not sure if this has anything to do with it
  12. Hey, when connecting to my proxy, the dreambot client opens up fine. However, the actual oldschool runescape interface does not come up. It continues to display the Dreambot logo. How do I fix this? Thanks [ERROR]01:14:04: Failed to connect to OSRS, retrying... [ERROR]01:14:25: Failed to connect to OSRS!
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