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    1. Oh wow thanks for the info! Where would one take this “competency test” haha? EDIT: Also, do you know about the fees on selling scripts?
    2. Hey everyone! I was sort of interested in maybe making a few high-quality premium scripts for dreambot but have some questions before I get involved in it. How do payment/payouts work? Is there a fees or does the developer of the script get directly the script price? Also, is there a required amount of free scripts before submitting premium ones? Thanks!
    3. Hi there! So I see there is a built-in breaking system which can take randomized X amount of breaks every randomized Y minutes. However, I was curious if there was a "im going to bed" break haha. Or "calling it a night" break. Essentially, this would allow a "working time" or something. In an example to explain this better would be this: Working time set to 9am - 5pm And then my randomized breaks could be for every 30-60min, I take a 10-60min break. Therefore the bot will not allow any scripts to be running outside the time frame of 9am - 5pm. So essentially if I keep a script running for weeks on end, It will act as a real person because it'll start playing at 9am and it will take breaks throughout the day like a human and even logout for the end of the night at 5pm never to log back in until 9am the next day. If we could implement this into the bot client with it's current breaking system. I believe this feature would be HUGE!
    4. Did find a real bug. The task was killing easy monsters with ranged. I was killing the rats in lumbridge swamp and I somehow got into the tiny shed/room. The door was closed and it tried continuously attacking a rat outside which always resulted in the "I can't reach that!" message. Good thing I caught this fast AF, otherwise that could of easily been detected I think.
    5. Thanks for the replies! Are you saying it won't eat until it reachs 1 hp then? I am currently doing Al-Kharid warriors and im at 8hp and it still have not eaten yet. I have a 1 def pure EDIT: I did just see it eat half of the pinap pizza right now! So that's good, maybe it is working. It just doesn't eat til REALLY low haha
    6. Also I have a bug report: It was training ranged at Rock Crabs and I was going to die... I was about 10/54 hp and the bot would NEVER eat the pineapple pizza it brought from the bank.
    7. Hi there @SubCZ just purchased a month of this script to test it out. Was curious, I don't see any like breaking or logging out for the day? If I keep the script running will it constantly be logged in and just switching activities to do? I was kind of wanting to run the script and leave it for weeks by itself and wanting it to logout for a day after a few hours of playing each day. Can the script do this? Or will I need to somehow set this up with the built-in client's breaking handler?
    8. Hello @Aeglen ! I am using the trial right now and got to say it's look very promising! I did see another user already posted this, but the mouse movements are extremely slow... Just by watching the bot's gameplay I would say it was a bot because of the very slow mouse movements. Are you still working on adding the ability to change the mouse speed? Thanks!
    9. Damn.. Okay I changed that now but of course the 4 hour trial is up though and never used it Hey @SubCZ is there any way I can please reset that trial to actually test it now haha Thanks.
    10. I see no options to adjust the screen size of that window. Everything else in the client works fine…
    11. Hi there @SubCZ I have an issue. I just started the 4 hour trial and can't use it because the GUI window of the script is HUGE on my screen hahaha. I have an old monitor that is 1920x1080 and I can view the entire window... So therefore I cant click half the stuff on the bottom and can't click start either Anyway we can fix this and possibly restart trial? Thanks! BTW, I attached photo of it being way too big.
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