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  1. entering with Ballers progressive woodcutter
  2. Danku

    BankBalls refund

    Bought the script for my vps (linux) farm but the script turns it self off every 20 minutes making it useless for me,works fine on my main pc that is running windows. Bought it with gift card credit if that matters
  3. Im at school i'll send you everything in like 6 hours get on discord if you can I just tried it again and its bugged in every mode for me https://pastebin.com/6Kbs2x0d it spams this in the debugger. Tried Free mode and the other one with and without anti-ban same results.
  4. [ERROR]00:20:16: Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException https://gyazo.com/3992699fe4018f3d805fa1c7192819da Does wierd stuff with the mouse and spams error in the debug
  5. http://pastebin.com/Z4VrVgSi Gets stuck while taking the boat does not press "okay" Happens every time for me.
  6. After update it gets stuck while trying to hop debug says "world to hop to is null !" Buying runes from Aubury
  7. Danku

    Chat ban appeal

    Who banned you: i don't know maybe Dreamlicker. Why were you banned: i don't know either, prob said something to Dream and left came back a few weeks later and banned. Why should you be unbanned: because i love you
  8. Who banned you: Nezz Why were you banned: Chat trolling/flame Why should you be unbanned: I'll be good.
  9. oh ok i tried not quickhopping but it still quickhops and it still counts wrong
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