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    1. hey mate please check ur sub undead thread as i have a few suggestions that would make the accounts less one obvious two actually help boost money progress and xp progress also i have a few ideas id love to run by u as im still learning how to code but i think what im guna ask u to change in ur code should make the ban rates at least halfed. okay now i have 6 accounts all 80+ range all above 1000 stats get banned in one hit like i was reported by this site as there is warning of abuse now is it abuse if i buy one script and use my other accounts at the same time? do i have to by say 5 lifeyime subs for 5 accounts like ur sub acc builder? please pm me as i have a few tweaks u could either choose to add or not to ad but i think tbh overall u will choose to at least make ur own alterations. kind regards 

      1. levi king

        levi king

        btw when the accounts got banned it wasnt like one then later the rest went it was legit boom boom boom just on after the other i wasnt over doing them 4-6 hours max a day 

    2. hey mate few things one can u fix the number of players aroud comes up ith nothing to be put and no numbers can be inserted secondly if there is a pile of more than two rune arrrows once enemy dies can u pick them up? or randomly pick them up of looted bodies? thirdly wouldnt it make sense to add haunted mine quest??? and maby inculde some vierance as every single time i bank i unbank everything even items come back re equip doesnt mke sense and would be less sus?
    3. great script except was i meant to buy more than one as i played on three of my accounts and bam banned.... they were just zulrah and more to...
    4. hey there love ur other scripts currently havnt had a single ban on my sub undead its been great but was woundering if i could get a 12 hour trial to see if it bans any accounts? also to see whats it exactly is like
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