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    1. great for suiciders at the ge over a mil each worth in oak in just over 24 hours with a bronze axe have also trained a few other accs over 70wc for a few hours a day over the past few weeks in rndom locations with no bans at all on them this is a great script
    2. one hundred percent bro not complaints my end. anything i bot i am expecting suicide on eventualy anyway i was just trialing dream bot and a few of the free scripts for combat ftp str/rng pure for some fun il just stick to farming fish/logs for my bonds haha
    3. yeah 6-8d was preeety poor tbh could have doneit faster by hand.. combat allways seems to cop bans easier on the free ones )
    4. havent proceeded as copped a ban today. got range upto 50 and str from 30 to 55 in 3-4 days (8hour per day) using randomised breaks etc. honestl didnt think i would cop a ban for such little activity hahaha
    5. alot of stalling at various common locations(steps out of attack circle and idles- did thisfor almost 6 hours with randomised breaks ) sometimes has issues collectingfood at random banks (cant selectthe number of food correctly-94 bank trips while i ate breakfast haha) a reset of DB resolves this for short periods then it just happens again(just hae to keep checking and reseting so cant do overnight stints) apart from these small issues its great free script probably one of the most powerful free scripts ive seen
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