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    1. Welp got the ban after 2.4m exp but Not because of your script as my other one is still going only on urs with 2.3m. I’m betting it’s because I just tried out a premium one that I haven’t used before. Yours is great quality it even survived the weekend 72h none stop twice other then a 30min break every few few hours.
    2. Yup I did the same and a different spot I didn’t use the safe spot feature as I’ve heard poor reviews on it. So far 60range on mine gonna shoot for 70 this week. Honestly 7/10 script man only need those few touches and stuff and it’s 10/10 imo
    3. Great bot not too many issues that haven’t been discussed before Other then sometimes it tries to bank saying it’s out of food when it has plenty left or gets stuck attacking a target that has previously died and trying to hopworlds too quick after or while in combat.So far I gotten about 14 days playtime with it still going atm. Base 70s in all stats in just a few levels. Honestly wonderful bot surprised you ain’t charging for it. One thing id like to see you add in the future a variable attack speed setting and option to bank at Corsair Cove which is currently missing probably for a reason I assume.
    4. After getting a level while ranging if not taking damage it gets stuck unless I manually hit continue. Basically if the target stops attacking back for what ever reason say your safe spotting.
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