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    1. Canifis** course has trouble running. At first obstacle (tree) it goes to spam click it few times after first click / while walking/climbing animation is still going on.
    2. skilma


      Trial? DB2 walking still should support most of quests?
    3. Yeah that is working. Also if in reziable mode, sometimes it goes crazy while trying to find the bank. Spins camera way too fast for any human. Other than that nice one 🙂
    4. Fruit stall in market seems to be broken. Goes to stall but wont start thieving. Othet than that seems to work quite nicely so far.
    5. While training prayer, most of the more graphicly complex wont work. It enters and instantly uses poh tab and repeats to enter and telly. Happens even with max delays .Resupplying to closest bank location while being in RImmington is somehow lumbridge? edit. Use Phials also deactivates sometimes.
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