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  1. Hey, the bot accidentally types spaces and hits enter randomly so when i look back at the chat log after a few hours theres like 5+ blank messages in chat from me which looks suspect in my opinion
  2. When the cannon runs out it stops firing for like 5 seconds (depending on connection probably). Thats a lot of downtimes for a minute long rotation - would you be able to make it add more cannonballs before it runs out so it doesnt have that much downtime?
  3. Varies

    [Free] Aeon Thiever

    Nice script! Maybe add Jugs of Wine to the food supported, as that's the most commonly used food for thieving. Otherwise, its great.
  4. Wont make combat potions for some reason. I have all the necessary supplies, but it won't make that specific potion. It makes energy potions and others just fine. It just doesnt do anything except after a minute or so it took out the unfinished potions and banked them again
  5. Hey, I switched from Tuna to Jugs of Wine, and it seems to be working now. I did about 10 inventories with tuna where it wouldn't withdraw and I had to do it, but now its done 3-4 without fail using Jugs of Wine. Not sure what it means, but we seem to be good now haha
  6. Hey, when the script tries to re-supply in the bank, it won't withdraw food after the first inventory. It will withdraw 3 dodgy necklaces, exits bank and checks if im wearing one already and uneqips it, re-enters bank, then sits there and doesn't do anything. The script doesn't turn off, but it stops moving.
  7. Actually it does this with both herbs and allotments, seemingly randomly. Now, it is right-clicking my herbs but left clicking my allotments (so it keeps eating the tomatoes it grew over and over)
  8. Hey when trying to note herbs on the tool leprechaun it just cleans them (because of left click) and then tries to move on. If your inventory is full it will just teleport you to the next location. Even if the herb plant can still be picked. I know this is the free version but I wanted to let you know
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