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  1. Hi there, been a few months since I was around but I'm starting a new account and don't feel like doing that early grind. I have purchased several scripts such as #1 Woodcutter and Nano Miner, and they worked BEAUTIFULLY in the past, I mean absolutely no problem. But now the only bots that are working for me are the nuclear tut island and the nex walker. For Woodcutter I cannot select a tree, and the Miner just stands there and does nothing. All of the bots take control, reset the zoom to default, et cetera. But they don't actually work. I don't understand what went wrong, these scripts were all flawless in the past. Can anyone please help? Also I have NO IDEA how to run these things where you can see an overlay or resize the window, Ive never had proggies or whatever you call it, the overlays that tell progress. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I bought this a while ago and used it for maples behind Seers, worked beautifully. Now for some reason I cant get it to select any trees at all. I started a new account and just want it to chop/bank regular logs but no matter how long I hold shift it doesnt select the trees east of Varrock. What went wrong?
  3. Done. Thanks again! I'm guessing there isn't much demand for a script to pick and spin flax, eh? I need about 3k bowstrings (HCIM btw) and do NOT feel like doing that myself after getting used to your top-notch work. Reviewed for 5 stars and left a glowing review, haha. EXCELLENT script. I was using a free one that seemed a little buggy and decided to check the scripts page, dropped this money and couldn't be happier about it. Great antiban btw.
  4. Can't figure out how to edit a post, but it's picking up my bird's nest, banking VERY quickly, and getting right back to the maples behind Seers' Village bank. Working beautifully, but I tend to run heavy on the bots, we will see if I finally get caught haha. Only doing one account and lots of different tasks, but still.....EXCELLENT script from what I've seen so far, absolutely perfect.
  5. I just bought it and have only been running it a few mins but seems to work perfectly so far. Can it pick up birds nests? Also I'm assuming its not free anymore, those posts were years ago haha. Love your Pest Control script, runs like a charm and ive run it all night multiple times and no bans in sight.
  6. Wish it logged out when it runs out of ores, but overall, works perfectly. No complaints at all about this bot, it's actually amazing.
  7. Dumb question, I guess, but will this work on just regular bank>altar runecrafting for a HCIM that has pure essence in bank and talisman in inventory? Non-abyss regular RCing with walking from bank to altar? Just got your Pest Control script and it's PERFECT!!!! Also, how come I never have any overlays like the guys in the pictures do? My bots just run on a small window with no HUD or anything to tell progress, points, profit, et cetera. None of the quite-a-few bots that I have seem to have any overlay at all.
  8. Bought this yesterday, works like a fucking CHARM. Gave it 5 stars, it turns on quick prayers, attacks the portals when they drop, and kills NPCs in the meantime. Not sure why I need to enter weapon/shield but small price to pay for this fluidity. Once or twice in several dozen games it just kept trying to get through a broken gate, or ran around when it was low participation % and ended up getting red-barred for no points, but that's to be expected with RNG and real players anyway. PHENONEMAL bot, would HIGHLY recommend, and beyond worth the 10 dollars. THANK YOU.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new here, I recently bought the GE beggar bot and while it works PERFECTLY ive simply decided I don't want to keep running it or using it. Nothing but good things to say about it, it's totally flawless and even has thank you messages you can customize, it's great, but it says 2.99 a month after initial purchase. Do I just need to delete it from my script page or what? I do not want to continue paying for it, though I certainly don't want a refund, I got precisely what I wanted. Loving all the scripts here and active community, thanks a lot! Bry
  10. Bought this and loving it, I'm new so I don't know how the trials work anyway. My only two concerns are 1) It doesn't log out when the ore has been depleted and 2) It runs past the bank window the same exact way every time, if it was random I feel it could be pretty decent antiban to some extent, but overstepping to the same tile every time makes me paranoid haha. Still, works PERFECTLY, even though I forgot to put my ore in my top slot it still ran perfectly. Would have been nice for smelting gold bracelets too, but well worth the money and I'm very happy with the purchase. EXCELLENT bot.
  11. Sometimes this works like a dream, but sometimes it takes 4-5 restarts and severe prompting by me (such as having to mine several veins myself at MLM before it seems to cotton on and start doing it itself), but the main severe issue that I have with it is that it seems to enjoy running around the perimeter of the motherlode mine and simply mine the rockfall that you have to deplete in order to navigate through the mine. I watched it mine probably every rockfall in there twice in a row last night, with NO regard for the ore veins whatsoever. HOWEVER, about 80 percent of the time it works fine from the start, and only once have I left it on for several hours only to come back and find it just standing there with almost no extra mining xp from the time that I departed. Overall it is a very good script, seems MLM might have a FEW bugs that I'm confused about but VERY well worth the money, just wish I could understand how to make it stop circling the rockfall sometimes. It worked perfectly at al-kharid for iron when I first started, btw. Absolutely perfectly.
  12. Okay, thanks dude. I have notification for replies on, so when you feel confident that I can run it smoothly on my HCIM, please just reply or quote me or whatever and let me know, and I'll buy it. I don't know how free trials work even if you were to give me one, so I'll just take your word for it. Community here seems pretty straight up, someone just told me not to buy their quest bot for an ironman, respect haha. Just let me know, and don't forget bruv!
  13. brian69


    Would this work with a HCIM? If I just have all the necessary items for each quest banked, will it search them out rather than attempt to buy them from the GE? And how good is the fighting against any potential bosses? Obviously I wouldn't be devastated if it died, if I cared THAT much about it I wouldn't bot on it, but it would be nice to know. Been having great success with all of the scripts here. Thank you!
  14. I'd like to buy this but the recent feedback has given me some concerns. All I want it to do is walk to Taverly dungeon, loot a full invent of herbs (and bury bones), deposit the items, and walk back. I dont think much food will be necessary at my current level, it's a somewhat low level HCIM but doesn't take much damage at base 40 combat stats. Can it do these things, or are there currently some bugs being patched? I am very new here but so far all the scripts I've gotten have been legit and the scripters have been honest, already purchased 3-4 on my first day. Can I have it do this? Thank you, and if it needs a week or two for you to tweak it, I can wait, this is precisely what I needed.
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