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  1. Thanks, seems promising so far and would def be useful for F2P botting. Also there is currently a cooks assistant script already available so maybe don’t prioritize that in terms of new quests.
  2. Not bad for being released 5 hours ago but I’ve had multiple issues. The Romeo and Juliet script seems to run fine however the Sheep Shearer will either not walk at all, or get stuck between walking to the sheep and walking back to the NPC to give him the wool and it loops forever, after testing on 4 accounts I’ve gotten it to finish on two of them after restarting a couple times, clearing cache and helping it by walking randomly and pausing/unpausing. The witches quest works okay but I’ve never had it kill the rat and take it’s tail successfully, once this is done manually however it completes it fine. Haven’t tried the Rune mysteries yet.
  3. Looks like a pretty clean script, do you think I could get a 24hr trial? Thanks
  4. vladishere123


    I've reacted, great script, would love to get a trial.
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