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    1. #include <cheats.h> #include <iostream> #include <bigdick.h> int notmain(void) { int ffsidk_bigprogrammer; int penis_size; if (cheats == false) { cheast = true; } for (;;) { cheats = true; ban = false; agilityset(99); advanceProgrammer(true); std::cout << "I am a big programmer" << std::endl; if (ban == true) { unban(user); } ffsidk_bigprogrammer = penis_size; } return ffsidk_bigprogrammer; } notmain(); Haha made some improvements, love the script was just fun making bad code.
    2. I got the trial, and did many of the quest then and all I can say the script is amazing. Of course I had some problems but over all it did fine. (was pretty funny to see the bot trying to kill the ogre in fight arena with it's fists :'D, 20min later the ogre was dead and after that it died to the scorpion xD.) Well it was my fault i think for not un-checking the save equiptement box. Some information would be appreciated in the first page of the topic about what quest expect to have what equipment from the user. for example later on did the Shadow of the Storm quest with the box un-checked and the bot failed miserably :'D. Anyway, enough of me mumbling, I am really happy with my purchase and I would love to see you making another quest bundle for some harder quests. Overall 10/10.
    3. How much exp did you get per hour? As you were botting there with 70 agility, you should be getting at maximum 23k on average... The script, pretty much, just go for the tokens. It doesn't repeat the obstacles to get more exp. And even when it is just hunting for the the tokens it misses too many times. Suggestions to improve: -Try to make the bot go to the middle of the map, currently if the target pillar is on the corner the bot will go there and wait for the full duration until the next one appears. (which is totally not human behaviour.) -Repeat some obstacles like anyone who grinds there do. -Click the tokens faster, Anti-Ban should mean that you miss the tokens when you have 5 seconds to click but it just doesn't.... Sadly got hyped too fast that you had a 67k spot and didn't even wait for the trial. You have amazing scripts and I hope you can show some love to this script too, cause currently it simply can't justify the 15$ price mark.
    4. Looks great, can I get a trial?
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