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    1. hey I need help to manage this bot.. I started Botting yesterday first time with two accounts ... they both got banned this morning... 

      someone pls give me some things to focus on so I don't get banned pls...!!!

    2. It doesn't react straight away, there's a delay which is customisable in the UI. During testing I botted a fresh (botted) tut account to 55 mining without an issue, bans are also caused by a multitude of things, not just script. That area has also been plagued by thousands of clay mining bots previously so that could also come into play.
    3. Ah it's most likely a naming issue with Coal actually, I'll upload a fix shortly edit; update uploaded, sdn bot should post when its live edit2; update live
    4. That wasn't a reply to you. Also those things may be altered although however they're very unlikely to effect bans, I haven't had a single ban using it.
    5. On the 2nd trip? I'm running it right now at Barbarian Village on Tin with no issues
    6. Yea I presumed that, couldn't seem to get the same result when testing though
    7. For what? You can already customize most of the important sleeps
    8. Personal preference I guess as I'd prefer to buy for a potentially high price instantly than wait around, generally people would want things to instant-buy, it was indeed an oversite on my part about the initial pricing for the items however it wasn't stated that it should buy at med price. Edit: My test account is still alive
    9. Personally, if I'm telling you you should've messaged me again to question what's up with the script update that shows intent that it'll be fixed, as the unsent message says though I'll send you an updated version later on when I'm home
    10. I hope you know the interaction is handled by the client itself and not me. The goal of the script was achieved, it does everything required, it's a very minor issue within the script, and it's actually caused by you now setting the prices too low for the buy offer to complete...
    11. The script used as an example from another site hasn't posted on this thread, also that site only allows the scripter to publish scripts on their site so it isn't difficult to pin down. Also you seemed to have blocked/removed me on Discord, I'm unaware of how to send you an updated version now
    12. What is sloppy? Unable to get updates? It's been a couple days, and I had totally forgotten as I also have other things to do, ask again. It's that simple.
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