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  1. When buying through GE it doesn't seem to scroll to find the correct item if needed
  2. Ah yea i was using openClosest, wasn't sure if there was a way for you to add stat checks or anything in that method, however another banking related thing is when calling Bank.getClosestBankLocation() close to the old Clan wars it'll think that the Clan Wars bank is still there when there isnt a bank there anymore
  3. Banking bug: Seems to attempt to bank in Cook's guild without requirements Requirements for the bank are: 32+ Cooking and to be wearing a "Chef's hat"
  4. Ty, it seems to be an issue with the doors leading to the first staircase from my debugging
  5. Starting on the Wizard's tower bridge, attempting to walk to Wizard Mizgog (new Tile(3104, 3164, 2)) it seems to run into the Lumbridge swamp
  6. Build: 19 (not sure if this is relevant) Seem to be having some walker issues, sometimes seems to have issues with traversing to different floors. I've had this happen at the Wizard's tower Example, I'll have it set to walk to floor 2 however it'll click the correct x, y but on the ground floor instead of using the staircase etc
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