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  1. Thanks @Nex , The following worked and should help me split my code up between classes. public class Manager extends AbstractScript{ @Override public void onStart() { log("Logging In."); } @Override public int onLoop() { Logger.makeLog(this,"Test Log!"); onExit(); return 600; } @Override public void onExit() { stop(); } @Override public void onPaint(Graphics graphics) { } } public class Logger extends Manager{ public static void makeLog(Manager m, String info) { log(m.getLocalPlayer().getName()+": "+info); } }
  2. Accounts file should be formatted with one account on each line as: Username:Password Username:Password Username:Password Username:Password Username:Password Username:Password Results spit out to Users/You/DreamBot/Dinh
  3. Any chance you can add a feature to rotate though accounts when the goal is met? I'd love if it read from a text file with username:password on each line.
  4. Aren't there enough doubling/begging bots already? 😄
  5. Ohh, I see how you are passing "this" as a MethodContext, then calling that. I will give that a try!
  6. Thanks, @yeeter01, This is actually the closest I got. It ends up throwing a null pointer exception.
  7. Hello, I think this is a really basic Java question (unless DreamBot is weird about classes), but I'm struggling here and could use a hand. How do I make this example work? I'll spare myself the embarrassment of posting everything I've tried. Instead, I'll post some base code with no attempts at using constructors or anything else. Main Class public class Main extends AbstractScript{ @Override public void onStart() { Logger.log("Log Successful"); } } Secondary Class public class Logger extends Main{ public static void log (String info) { log(getLocalPlayer().getName()+": "+info); } } Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks @yeeter01 Here's some more information I found on the topic.
  9. Hello, I've been trying to figure out what the best way to automate running numerous accounts is. I'm not sure how many accounts I'll have running, but it will be a growing number and I'll need things to scale. For now, I have to manually open a new session (dreambot tab), manually choose the account, and manually start the script for that worker. But once I get past a dozen accounts or so this is no longer a reasonable solution. Is there something in the dreambot api that I can use to automate this? It makes sense that I would have an account manager script that just starts sessions, chooses an account to use, starts the worker script, and monitors progress. I've yet to find anything in the api to open and close new session though, let alone a way for one script to start another script. I must be overlooking something? Any tips on how to manage this would be a massive help.
  10. Hey all, Lately, I've been trying to get my script to collect gold from GE whenever it's ready. If the button is there, I want to click it. The problem is, using getGrandExchange.collect(); seems to only collect if an order is completely finished. And looking for the widget leads to it clicking even when the button isn't visible. WidgetChild collectButton = getWidgets().getWidgetChild(465, 6, 0); if(getGrandExchange().isOpen() && collectButton.isVisible() && collectButton != null){ collectButton.interact("Collect to inventory"); log("Item collected.."); } This if statement always ends up as true. How can I check if things are ready to collect in the GE before the entire order has finished? Thanks for any help.
  11. These posts have been really encouraging thanks guys. I've been testing methods since making this thread and think I'm ready to start putting together my own script. Wish me luck! Still interested in responses if anyone else wants to share their results.
  12. I really like this script, but it seems to turn itself off when gold gets low? Like around 10k gold left it just shuts off and the painted stats disappear.
  13. Hello,

    It seems you cannot receive direct messages so I have to post here. If possible I'll remove this post once resolved.

    Is it possible to get a refund for GE flipper? I've been unable to make any profit with this script. I've tried dozens of suggested items that say they have good margins, only to have it tell me invalid margins when I run the program. I also greatly overestimated how much I'd be able to make even if it did work based on your profit reports. I expected millions, but I'm now learning that at best I'll probably only make 20k - 30k per hour.

    It seems like a great program for some, but it isn't going to work for me.

    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Im A Baller

      Im A Baller

      My guess would be that you haven't seen the video in the Discord channel, judging by your post here, and that you probably haven't been setting minimum margins or most of the item settings associated with the script. 


      Add me on Discord at 'Im a Baller#6006' and I'll help you run through the script. If I can't help you with the issues you're having, I'm happy to endorse your refund.

    2. AliasBots


      I sent you a message on discord. I'm in the discord and have spoken with some users to make sure I'm setting things up right. I tend to set the margin to half of what the script tells me it's at currently. There is no video in discord that is easily found.

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