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  1. What exactly are you looking for? A script to quest and level? People to do it by hand? Account pre-quested and leveled?
  2. Slick interface, cool features, but unfortunately it seems to always end up standing still in wilderness. Clearing cache did not help. Gave me some great ideas for my looter though thanks.
  3. I actually set that up with my shopping script. Rotated through 20 accounts switching to the next after putting things on the market. The processing bans came after running the code for 8-10 hours a day for like 5 days while developing. I could setup a rotation on processing too and run both sets at the same time maybe.. That would get me like 150k/hr with 7 active game sessions running. Maybe I'm closer than I think and just need to work on uptime and then write better methods. Just 150k - 200k / hr with ~40 accounts in rotation just seems so low when my goal is a side income not just beer money.
  4. This is such a funny method. Talk about reverse psychology lol. Thanks for the info, I wont use that method (unless I get bored) but it definitely gets my creative juices flowing. My goal right now is progressive combat. I figure if I can farm high level accounts that should turn into money either through late game farming strategies or selling accounts. I need to do more late game research though. I just got progressive processing working pretty well, but I found with one account I can completely close the margins for everything pestle and keep them closed. It only earned me about 100k hourly and gets accounts banned faster than other options. Maybe I just need to add cooking and crafting.. idk man.
  5. What do you mean? I don't use any on the SDN other than #1 questing for tutorial island. Everything else I code myself.
  6. LOL, that's actually really funny. I see a lot of bots that beg. It makes you wonder how effective that is.
  7. You're all great fam, keep up the good work.
  8. Hey all, So I've been coding up different methods for a few months now and my earnings are always very low. I'm getting a little frustrated and I thought a discussion on farming might encourage me a little. I understand nobody will tell you exactly what you do, but if you're willing to share in a very general way feel free to vote in the poll or comment in the thread. Personally, I've tried: Shopping: low earnings, no bans Processing: medium earnings and high ban rate Combat: Just started in this, medium earnings. All my scripts (I only run my own code) have earned under 100k/hr. I'm starting to think that getting over the 100k mark requires accounts that are leveled up a decent amount to get to the less worked methods. I considered doing this with processing (cooking and crafting) but I was noticing higher ban rates with low-level processing in GE. I thought about gathering but I'm guessing I'd get more reports than in other options with everyone fighting over limited resources. I'm starting to work on some progressive combat code hoping that will work for me, but man it's a lot of work. Any input is appreciated, keep farming fam. I know we are technically all in competition with each other, but I believe in all of you and want us all to succeed.
  9. Did you just run a tutorial island script on 25 accounts in a row? Now really worth buying accounts unless they are done by hand..
  10. Spoke with Dinh, he thinks the source in that jar is clean so who knows.
  11. Just had one of my accounts gold stolen. The jar in this thread is the only thing I used that was not open source or approved on SDN. Don't use this checker.
  12. As a followup, I think I finally figured it out. It looks like widget.getTextureID is -1 when not ready, 812 when ready, and 813 when hovered over. Either debug tool updates slowly, or it doesn't read as -1 again after collecting unless the exchange is closed and opened. Test around a little for bugs but this should help anyone wondering the same thing that I was.
  13. Could be, it earns about 70k - 100k per hour per bot. Maybe I'm doing poor math too. I've only been running like 5 bots for a few hours at a time so getting a feel for income after scaling up is tricky.
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