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  1. Probably but i wouldnt bot with it, i wouldnt bot anything boss related with prayers.
  2. but its not needed you don't have to use dharok's its just best way to kill it probably
  3. Yes you would need prayer, because using dharok's to be good you want low hp.. so you would need melee prayer or you would just get 1shot and die
  4. Just abit sketch that you linked the stats of my account what i was selling in the post aka - Not sure why you deemed to list my stats but okayyy @Hashtag @Ben lul
  5. Okay, first of all you havent show any price of the accounts, youve only said what you accept currency wise.. if they are all the same surely you said set a price :L Also it might be good for you seen as you claim to be the "OO" you should refund people if the accounts are recovered? as your terms of service said no refunds so for alot of people that will make em go away for all they know you could just recover the account an bounce
  6. Sounds stupid, but did you try uninstalling an reinstalling. or maybe redownloading Java 8?
  7. Join Nex's discord, he doesnt have time to deal with script requests here its all automated in his discord with his bot, if you join and still require any script assistance myself @Ben or @Nex would be happy to help you out
  8. Leonn


    Fairs could maybe be something you could look into one day releasing an ironman version for a price aswell. Id buy that
  9. Leonn


    @Roma Any chance of ever making some of these quests ironman Suppourted?
  10. If you can get a private script for Zulrah what doesnt get banned fast, you earn 2-3m an hour on Zulrah botting thats not including the unqiue drops.. So imagine your killing on avg 500 zulrah kills with a rough estimate of like 10kills an hour. Youd make alot
  11. Personally id try get some vouch's are some sort of reputation before trying to sell the account as noone wants to buy off someone who just got here mate.
  12. Stats of the account - https://gyazo.com/c43a4f06450aa4902c6fd33aa080c94a Account status (bans, mutes) - https://gyazo.com/7c0c0a6581e6f9d9142d626f25e77343 Login screen - https://gyazo.com/31e20a0d40ad77c225b661dd81a7a366 - 9 Days of Membership left as of today! Quests (completed) - https://gyazo.com/838b343071c47fc80a6c83684d9cfb75 - Quests I.e. Desert Treasure, RFD, Haunted Mine, MM1, Fairytale Pt1 & 2, Family Crest, Frem Isle/Trial, Mage Arena 2, Regicide. All subquests are done for Kings Ransom aswell you just need to do the quest. almost able to do DS2 aswell. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) - https://gyazo.com/33dfec9bc485961f14c64a7f28563bd3 - Wealth includes Imbued God cape, Barrows Gloves, Graceful gear, God Books ( Not all completed ) Void Range/Mage (Perfect for Zulrah) Salve Amulet Normal and Imbued. Minimum bid (price to start bids) - $50 Autowin - $150 Payment method - Paypal if trusted. BTC or im willing to accept 07/RS3 GP to the value of the bid. I.e. I will be selling to a site so the price i will be going off is the site price offered. Trading conditions (middleman) Willing to use a Middleman Previous owners (if any) 1 Previous Owner bought off him along time ago now, upon purchase i will be putting the email in your name so all emails from the account go to your email address and not mine. Please bid below or DM me on discord - Leon#8986 - Or Join Nex's discord to contact me.
  13. 2100 bots tf you running a fucking server like microsoft in your basement for runescape
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