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    1. Welcome my guy, doing this during college will drastically improve your programming abilities.
    2. I agree with what Sub said, the people who get banned are generally a salty vocal minority. Botting for most people is a for profit venture, so to an extent everyone is a competitor. Generally people will help and try and push them in the right direction when the blame the client. If it were the client a lot of these high quality scripters wouldn't even bother with Dreambot. The quality of this client is what attracts these scripters. That being said no one is going to hand a salty person a script with low ban rates and decent profit just to prove the client isn't the issue lol. Botting rewards those with either deep pockets who can afford quality scripts, people with good problem solving and logic skills (our scripters), and those who just get lucky.
    3. imo it will make no difference. There is nothing to hide on these forums, if there is it probably isn't something we want on here to begin with. The forums also host non Dreambot resources so hiding those would just hide information from the world.
    4. Cabbage picker also be sure you have permission to do this, misuse of school property may result in trouble depending on your school system's rules.
    5. https://discord.gg/kUw6YCCF
    6. 1.) Always pay your taxes 2.) As a user you are really at no legal risk unless you are doing something really sketchy like stealing accounts or scamming etc (illegal shit game or not) 3.) If they want someone to stop they will send client developers a warning being like yo shut down or we will go to court. You can google prior cases of clients being taken to court, generally speaking most of the legal issues don't come from just cheating in video games. *** I AM NOT A LAWYER DONT QUOTE ME ON THIS ***
    7. 1.) You went with someone with no rank on DreamBot scripting. DreamBot host private script shops for Scripter+ and above approved Scripters. These Scripters have past some standardized testing to assure they are quality. Not a guarantee it will he perfect but it can help. 2.) Botting isn't dead just because you had a poor experience. YOUR botting might be dead but tons of people still have solid experiences skilling or farming gold. 3.) Glhf with whatever you do next but it sounds like your mindset and problem solving abilities might not fit botting. Maybe try another game?
    8. Build your own camera system, get a dog, Glock 17, Mossberg 590, buy some fake ADT stickers from Amazon for a few dollars to slap on your doors and windows, amazon sign that says "we don't call the police" with a gun on it. You are welcome
    9. This client has the least bans for me!
    10. 1.) External 2.) No, because then you are just proxy'ing back to the same IP which is pointless at best. 3.) Maybe? But practically most likely not. Make proxy pi's and give them to family members to host. That is how you'd get free externals.... Or... Hollow out an access point and stick it in there and slap it in a public library or university. Slap a sticker that says Property of IT do not remove...
    11. Hi Also for template/boiler plate checkout my GitHub or some of the templates on the forums.
    12. Made this guide for DB2 I think can also checkout my pom.xml file from a script I started and never finished on my github https://github.com/yeetware/dreambot-aio-aio/blob/main/pom.xml
    13. DreamBot does have a built in Script manager but imo killing and reopening with quickstart is the play. I asked @Pandemic for some better external client controls awhile back idk where that is in the priority pipeline but hopefully those additions will make writing external management applications for DreamBot less hacky / jank feeling. Also no plugins supported. That was removed in DreamBot 3 because they were hardly used in DreamBot 2 (mostly because who the hell plays in fixed screen mode)
    14. Awesome dude! My grandfather is starting his treatments soon so I appreciate you sharing your success news with us!
    15. He is listed as a sponsor at the time of making this post, he is allowed to have his discord linked in his post.
    16. @MenkRs has been permanently banned for this offense based off evidence provided by the disputer.
    17. Jagex can tell you are using a 3rd party client. This has been a thing forever. What they can not tell is if that client is a bot client. The mass creation of readily available bot accounts is one of Jagex's biggest biggest problems when it comes to fighting botting. The harder it is to obtain large supplies of accounts the harder it is to create and run large scale bot farms and it helps keep newer small scale guys from starting up effective farms. Jagex as of the last few months has been actively fighting against account creators. Implementing imperva, better automation detection for their account registration, AND what you just explained tutorial islands ban rate being increased dramatically. That being said tho many account shops are still running but don't expect them to openly hand you the solution to avoid these bans since that would mean your a competitor in the market Good luck and have fun! As for what covert mode does specifically that's a question for the devs but chances are it won't fix this specific issue you are running into.
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