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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
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  1. Ask @Zawy @Nex @TheCloakdOne @Xephy. They are all Scripter+ ranks and make super high quality scripts. On a side not dicing isn't worth it so glhf
  2. yeeter01

    Making accounts

    I need thousands of unrestricteds for not a cancerous price
  3. I can one up that by replacing the sandwich with an ice cold Heineken.
  4. What's the specs of the macbook?
  5. Duplicate thread so duplicate response Don't pay for that lmao, hmu on discord and I will do it for free in a day or two depending on my irl work schedule. Discord is on my profile.
  6. Don't pay for anything, just hmu on discord. Busy tonight but should have more time tomorrow. Discord is in my bio.
  7. @Zawy @Xephy @TheCloakdOne all 10/10. I'd say nex but he is drowning in work atm.
  8. yeeter01

    YEETPicker AIO

    I think it still works, and no the list is static. If you have things you want to add let me know.
  9. A lot of times people who are done playing for awhile will sell their accounts to someone buying any and every account. Then when the come back they recover it. Or the seller is a POS and recovering to resell under a different name. Not a ton you can really do about this sadly =/ My suggestion would be to create and train your own accounts with bots or vennys. Find someone selling training services and just make sure you mule anything of value off the account to prevent a sticky finger'ed venny from lifting it. Generally speaking it will be more expensive but if you don't provide them the recovery information you can recover your own account. Sadly because Jagex can't do anything correctly account recovery is a fucking joke, it is extremely easy to mass recover accounts and resell for a profit then rinse and repeat once enough time has passed to fend off the negative feedback you leave on the seller. tldr: not much you can do, create and train/pay to train your accounts to avoid account recovery. Anyone who says they are legit and has good reviews you still run the risk of recovery from the original owner.
  10. yeeter01

    db3 is real wow

    Shoutout to @Pandemic writing a whole ass bot client during a pandemic. The world just needed to be on the brink of collapse to get it done.
  11. No, It defeats the entire purpose of using a whole ass bot client to pre record and reuse macros. Their are alternative solutions to replicate human like mouse movement and click timings look into those. iirc someone was making a script to record and replicate user input just wait for them before going down a macro rabbit hole. Tldr: macros bad
  12. Feel free to hmu dude. I've moved away from windows since then and now shill for docker.
  13. yeeter01

    DreamBot v3.0.9

    I approve of these changes
  14. Glad I could be of assistance.
  15. Did you try turning it off and on again?
  16. I accept cabbages as a payment form.
  17. yeeter01

    Arti out

    Cya thanks for roasting my scripts it definitely kick started a long road of improvement for my self.
  18. 1.) Dark theme 2.) What the fuck is the current script info screen? Style or make that a modal/copout plz 3.) More stats for scripters to view. Not sure what we would be allowed to see but analytics are cool 4.) Either a more direct/blatant link to the scripts forum post or separate sub sections in the scripts info panel for an overview, introductions, how to report bugs to the scripter, contact details etc. 5.) Link in the client to the SDN page for the script/forum page. (Might already be a thing but I dont remember)
  19. I need 5k untrade restricted accounts at the GE thnx
  20. NPCs is a LIST of NPC's and not an npc object. When you call .interact() on the list it has no clue what you are doing. You need to get an NPC out of the list then call .interact() on the npc not the NPCs list
  21. Contact @Zawy @TheCloakdOne @Nex or @Xephy Those are 4 of the most active private scripters I'll vouch for writing quality content. Prices will vary so shop around. The above people all hold the rank Scripter+ or higher which means they are backed by some basic standards in place by DreamBot and can sell/advertise private scripting services. Anyone without that could sell you raw shit.
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