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    1. DreamBot does have a built in Script manager but imo killing and reopening with quickstart is the play. I asked @Pandemic for some better external client controls awhile back idk where that is in the priority pipeline but hopefully those additions will make writing external management applications for DreamBot less hacky / jank feeling. Also no plugins supported. That was removed in DreamBot 3 because they were hardly used in DreamBot 2 (mostly because who the hell plays in fixed screen mode)
    2. Awesome dude! My grandfather is starting his treatments soon so I appreciate you sharing your success news with us!
    3. He is listed as a sponsor at the time of making this post, he is allowed to have his discord linked in his post.
    4. @MenkRs has been permanently banned for this offense based off evidence provided by the disputer.
    5. Jagex can tell you are using a 3rd party client. This has been a thing forever. What they can not tell is if that client is a bot client. The mass creation of readily available bot accounts is one of Jagex's biggest biggest problems when it comes to fighting botting. The harder it is to obtain large supplies of accounts the harder it is to create and run large scale bot farms and it helps keep newer small scale guys from starting up effective farms. Jagex as of the last few months has been actively fighting against account creators. Implementing imperva, better automation dete
    6. Glad you got it working! Did you mean multiple DreamBot forum accounts? If so could you provide us the name of your other accounts?
    7. lives prices is lit thanks!
    8. hi OSRS botting can give you a lot of practical programming experience for a college student! Need any help feel free to hmu.
    9. the form is on this post, copy all of the text in orange and write you response to each line next to it.
    10. Can't wait to see how it goes!
    11. you can run it on windows in a bash terminal like Git Bash https://git-scm.com/downloads PowerShell that is preinstalled on windows should also be able to run it.
    12. What error are you getting? If your credit card is not accepted by our platform you could look into alternative payment methods in the voucher sales subsection of the forum found here https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/132-vouchers/
    13. Just direct trade, drop trading or anything else is retarded and tin foil hat style logic at best.
    14. DreamBot does not work on RSPS
    15. Nice! While this does work you should look into the DreamBot TaskNode structure or making your own node system. It will help a ton as you progress and create larger and more complicated scripts! I haven't looked at this template for awhile so not even sure if it is up to date right now but this should point you in the right direction! https://github.com/yeetware/Dreambot-3-Node-Template If you need any help understanding / implementing something like this feel free to hit me up!
    16. /* * Default onStart method */ @Override public void onStart() { questManager.addQuests(testQuest, testQuest2); } /* * Quickstart onStart method */ @Override public void onStart(String... params) { for (String quickStartArg : params) { log("Argument Provided: " + quickStartArg); // Do the logic for your params here } // Call the original onStart() method for shared logic onStart(); } you could do something basic like this. There are some other fancy ways of doing it but this is the simplest.
    17. Nothing like that exist just yet.. But I will be working on a bot manager for DreamBot that should have these capabilities once the dev's add a few new features.
    18. What provider are you using? Try deleting the DreamBot folder under your user directory and then rerunning the launcher. If this doesn't work lmk.
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