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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java installed
  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox
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    1. Nice! While this does work you should look into the DreamBot TaskNode structure or making your own node system. It will help a ton as you progress and create larger and more complicated scripts! I haven't looked at this template for awhile so not even sure if it is up to date right now but this should point you in the right direction! https://github.com/yeetware/Dreambot-3-Node-Template If you need any help understanding / implementing something like this feel free to hit me up!
    2. /* * Default onStart method */ @Override public void onStart() { questManager.addQuests(testQuest, testQuest2); } /* * Quickstart onStart method */ @Override public void onStart(String... params) { for (String quickStartArg : params) { log("Argument Provided: " + quickStartArg); // Do the logic for your params here } // Call the original onStart() method for shared logic onStart(); } you could do something basic like this. There are some other fancy ways of doing it but this is the simplest.
    3. Nothing like that exist just yet.. But I will be working on a bot manager for DreamBot that should have these capabilities once the dev's add a few new features.
    4. What provider are you using? Try deleting the DreamBot folder under your user directory and then rerunning the launcher. If this doesn't work lmk.
    5. If you are using proxies they are probably dog shit. Avoid free proxies (lmfao), and data center proxies. Jagex can detect these and will lock / flag your account. You need to use residental proxies. If you are botting off your home IP then the tutorial island script might just be bad / outdated and be doing something they can catch. The client it's self is NOT recognized or detected. This is something on your end or the scripts. Any questions feel free to ask.
    6. Covert mode and how well it works will vary script from script so it will be a trail and error style process. I have had scripts where it has worked amazingly and scripts where it hasn't made much of a difference. Really depends on the quality of script and how proven your setup is. If you bot 24 hours straight picking cabbages covert mode isn't going to do shit since you are 100% a bot. Keep how player like your actions are while botting if you are trying to reduce bans. Length of your botting sessions, locations, activities, breaks and the accounts history all play a role in determine b
    7. You don't need to make legitament emails for bot accounts. idk what you are trying to do. This will vary depending on your own goals / farms you create. Trail and error + experimentation are the keys to become a successful botter.
    8. Nope sorry! You will have to ask the devs but they are pretty secretive about it.
    9. It still is updated. As for worth it varies script by script.
    10. It'll vary a lot no way to give you a real number. Since you aren't VIP you'll be fine
    11. Prevents chain bans. Generally tho chain bans only happen when they see a lot of accounts botting from the same address. A handful of accounts won't matter at all. All of my script development and smaller test farms have been via my home IP
    12. You can run either with DreamBot 3, use whatever you prefer.
    13. yeeter01

      YEETPicker AIO

      Will look into adding cow hides, but most likely will not add custom items to pick.
    14. yeeter01


      Gimme suggestions on shit to add or update thnx
    15. Have you tried reading the Scripts Forum thread?
    16. You should checkout DreamBot's Private Script Shop subsection on the forum. These developers have passed DreamBot's Scripter+ test meaning they are some quality developers. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/191-private-scripting-shops/ Now on another note. Know that for 99.99999% of people gambling bots are quite literally the worst bot to run. No matter how good the script someone who is larger than you will own player moderator accounts and mute your bots. That won't be the scripts fault because these are manual mutes by real players not automated sys
    17. 1. Dedicated proxies vs Residential for osrs If you are creating accounts you will most likely need to use Residential proxies. While some people have success creating them on data center proxies it is ungodly hit or miss and a horrible idea, just pay more for a residental. This only applies if you are CREATING accounts tho, if you are buying premades you should be fine running them on a data center proxy. p.s. for literally everyone else with proxy issues since I know some will read this. DON'T USE FREE PROXIES DON'T USE FREE PROXIES DON'T USE FREE PROXIES DON'T USE F
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