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    1. Does this support the vyre in east darkmeyer? With banking and so on? Also will shadow veil be supported at any point?
    2. On Fossil Island, why does the bot run half a world away to aggro crabs? Surely it can just move like 20 tiles to the spot under the bridge? Instead it's a amrathon runner that gets his spots stolen all the time
    3. This is a really good script. One of the reasons for this is that it combines the degriming and potionmaking process without the need for intermediary purchases. This allows u to combine the profits of both processes into one while avoiding bottlenecks (i.e. clean kwuarm is hard to sell rn). If you do not want the bot to sift through all the various seeds to find max profitable one, my suggestion would be to use ge-tracker's 'clean herbs' and 'unf potion' tabs (you might need membership for this tho) : https://www.ge-tracker.com/herblore-profit/clean-herbs https://www.ge-tracker.com/herblore-profit/unfinished-potions Currently, I have that ranarr and kwuarm give the best profits, so I will just allow the bot to choose between these two. Overall, great and innovative bot, ty very much
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