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  1. Keep that paint 100% lmao. Anyone that can't read that has a reading deficiency
  2. Over the chatbox is a good spot, like completely over it. Or above it to the left Also, not really sure where the attitude came from lol. I wasn't shitting on your paint, the paint itself looks great, the position is just weird to me, imo.
  3. Such awkward spots for a paint
  4. Get the widget to open the autocast selection, the get the widget for the spell. Interact with the widget.
  5. Covert mode might have made you last 5 more minutes
  6. (SOLD) Stats : https://prnt.sc/iu8agf Wealth : https://prnt.sc/iu8avu Login screen : https://prnt.sc/iu8b2q Status : https://prnt.sc/iu8c1m NMZ Ready, has avas, client of kourend. etc Minimum bid : 20m A/w : 30m Any questions hmu I am OO. Contact info: Here, or on discord : warren#3535
  7. 1 week later.... https://secure.jagex.com/m=accountappeal/g=runescape/passwordrecovery
  8. Are these changes gaurenteed or being polled on? I love these ideas. Especially the tax
  9. Stats : https://prnt.sc/irx4lm Wealth: https://prnt.sc/irx4sy Status: https://prnt.sc/irx59g Login screen : http://prntscr.com/irx66q Quests : NMZ quests, Regicide questline, rock cake quest. Minimum bid : 60m A/W : 80m Payment method: OSRS Gp only.(Can negotiate paypal, but not likely unless you are very well trusted) Trading Conditions : I will go first if you are well trusted on any site(Dreambot, Sythe, osbot, etc etc). MM Can be used if necessary. If you lack rep & don't want to MM, don't bother pming skid. xd Owners : I'm OO, accounts only been logged in by me. Other information : Account has a decent name. Has been hand trained and never botted on. Original email will also be handed over. All recovery information will be handed over as well. (IP, ISP, etc etc) Any questions hmu. Reason paypal isn't used is because of broke niggas charging back, claiming unathorized, or using stolen cards/accounts. Contact information : Discord : warren#3535 Skype : number1_headband Forum : https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/user/120896-warrenxd/ If unsure it's me, ask me for a pm on the forum.
  10. Don't even bother with mouse movement. Use AlwaysHop()
  11. Could possibly do this if an account is supplied. Hmu on here or discord. Discord # : warren#5186
  12. Pretty sure I offered to help you with this on a different thread. Still willing to. PM me lmao
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