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    1. Hey, Can you show me that its not withdrawing the potions? I just tested it and it was working fine for me. Refund is fine for me since he just purchased the script.
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    2. Hashtag

      Refund for Nex Flipper

      Hey @Windfall, I have refunded that. @Nex, the script is now hidden from the store. Please update it to get it unhidden. When you're ready with it, please contact me.
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    3. Small bug, but just wanted to let you know, When walking through the white knight fortress it navigates rather strangely (I can customize it, but just wanted to let you know). Rather than opening the big gate and going up the stairs and talking to NPC, It will walk up the stairs, then down the stairs 1-3 times, then walk the perimeter of the building on the 2nd floor, opening every random door on the way. Then goes down the spiral staircase rather than up, then back up, and finally up the second spiral staircase before talking to Sir Amik. Like I said, not a huge deal, it makes it there. Besides the black knight fortress isn't mapped anyways and I mapped it myself. Just wanted to make it known that this walking is quite wonky here considering it is mapped. Cheers
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