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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it
    2. Lootolotl P2P + F2P Wilderness Looter - 50k+/hr "Don't loot a little... Lootolotl!" Built in Features: - Auto eat food in inventory if health is less than 40-60%. - Auto run if attacked: If Inventory value is high enough it will bank, otherwise it will idle for random time on other side of ditch. - Grave collection: Will prioritize collecting Grave loot if possible. - Safe clicking: Ensures player has Right Click Always selected for both Player and NPC. - Anti-ban Camera: Zoom / Rotation. - Anti-ban Mouse: Miss Click / Offscreen (not while looting) + Mouse Speed. GUI Features: - 2 Looting options: - Closest: Item value doesn't matter, it will prioritize the closest item. - Expensive: Prioritizes the most expensive item within looting distance. - Intelligent running: Will only use 10-25 run energy while not in the wild, therefore saving it to out compete other players. - Minimum loot value: Will only loot items of value greater than this. - Force bank when inventory value is greater than X. - Force bank when ATTACKED and inventory is greater than X. - Maximum loot distance. - Maximum wilderness level: Prevents being lured / attacked by strong NPC's. - Loot world: Will hop to this world if not already on it. - All GUI start values are randomized (within reason) to allow for unique gameplay, while still maximizing profit. - All GUI features have very descriptive tooltips to help explain anything unclear / why its on/off by default. Bug reports / Suggestions: - If you have any bugs / suggestions, please post it here. If it is a bug report, please upload a photo/text of console AND give a detailed explanation as to whats going on. TODO: - Allow for manually adding of priority items in GUI (while still using closest if none of them are available) - Bring weapon, and possibly fight people back / harass other bots - Add G.E as option for loot location
    3. Thank you very much for the info
    4. Hey everyone, mainly dev's / SDN uploaders, I have a couple premium scripts / a free script pretty close to being ready for release, but before I do, I'd like to know a few things. I'm not 100% sure what the requirements for the Github upload is: 1) Do I need to upload source code or just JAR file. 2) I need to specify the Repo/Module but there's no info on how to allow it access if its private. I'd rather not allow public access/source code, but I totally understand the dreambot team needing to ensure the security of it. I'd just like to know the specifics as I can't seem to find it posted anywhere. Thank you
    5. You can get it pretty dang close by using System.currentTimeMillis() with a method call checking xp drops / animation timing. Although its next to impossible to account for server lag / internet delay / map loading that will offset the System time slightly. I'm sure with tweaks/testing a method could account for this
    6. 20m each, thats a pretty damn good deal for those levels. Just a heads up you might want to hide the username of the accounts to be safe. If I actually botted the game for gp I'd purchase those in a heartbeat xD
    7. lmaooo, this is awesome, nice work. Not too bad gp either considering its f2p and no requirements xD
    8. @trtl I don't mean to use the sleep within the if, but rather boolean return values from other methods. You also won't need it to stay on the quest tab, especially if you're using switch case's with a progress int to tell you what to do, it would likely just be one of the cases, then in the next case you can tell it to open inventory, or if you want it somewhat randomized just use some random math to determine: int shouldOpen = Rand.nextInt(Calculations.random(5, 20)); if(shouldOpen == 0) { if(Tabs.openWithMouse(Tab.INVENTORY) || Tabs.isOpen(Tab.INVENTORY)) log("Opened inventory"); } random.nextInt is beautiful as it allows for 0-max and is a lot more complex than simply: Calculations.random(0, 20); If you are doing a quest, I'd recommend a structure kinda like this: private int questProgress = 0; public void quest() { if(FreeQuest.PIRATES_TREASURE.isFinished()) { end(); return; } switch(questProgress) { case 0: { getQuestProgress(); break; } case 1: { //go to NPC to start quest break; } case 2: { //etc... break; } } } private void getQuestProgress() { //find out what part the player is currently at in the quest and set the questProgress int to this } private void end() { //tell the gameManager to pick a new state or just send a log message that quest is done and end script } switch case's will be your best friend when it comes to structured things needing to be done. Avoid the use of too many if/else statements if possible, switch cases are much better for this type of task. Depending on how complex your quest or quests become, I'd recommend creating some helper classes that have solely static methods. For example a Dialogue helper, so you don't have to keep trying the same stuff over and over when you need it to interact with NPC's for continue / specific dialogues
    9. To avoid it moving there if its already open use: if(Tabs.isOpen(Tab.QUEST) || Tabs.openWithMouse(Tab.QUEST)) This way you're only attempting to open it if its not already open I like to use the return value within an if statement personally. That way you guarantee its success in case there is a miss click or something else
    10. Doesn't really matter what you want, what matters is what works. double viewportXAdjustment = Math.round((Client.getViewportWidth() - 765) / 2.01492); double viewportYAdjustment = Client.getViewportHeight() - 503; double depositInventoryX = Calculations.random(440 + viewportXAdjustment, 475 + viewportXAdjustment); double depositInventoryY = Calculations.random(295 + viewportYAdjustment, 330 + viewportYAdjustment); Mouse.move(new Point((int)depositInventoryX, (int)depositInventoryY));
    11. First off use Mouse.move(new Point(793, 523)); Not Rectangle. Second, I do understand as I literally just went and tested for you and you will need to account for the viewport size.
    12. In that case you'll need to create your own formula for knowing where it will be based on the Viewport Height + Width, just as an example here is how I maintain my UI ontop of the chatbox even when resized: int extraHeight = Client.getViewportHeight() - 503; g.drawImage(background, 0, 339 + extraHeight, null);
    13. You don't need to do this, I understand there may be something wrong with the Mouse.move(Rectangle rect) as I've never used it with a rectangle position. However, all you need to do to click the "Deposit inventory" button is: Bank.depositAllItems(); I'd try to avoid using such hardcoded locations especially considering it can be resized
    14. Rocks are classified as 'GameObject', however it will pick it up too, along with NPC/Player and other tile objects. Never personally tested with rocks, but I did with trees and it was added to the list
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