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    1. Everything 420 said is correct. Also onMessage captures gameMessages that gameMessage doesn't, like player being frozen. So personally I only use that. Just make sure to filter it with: @Override public void onMessage(Message message) { String gameMessage = message.getMessage(); if (message.getUsername().equals("")) { log("Not said by user"); if(gameMessage.contains("You have been frozen!") && !isFrozen) { log("Player has been frozen"); } } } So its not triggered if a person types what a game message contains
    2. Your error is cause you are incrementing path step and never resetting it when its about to hit array length. Change: if (pathStep >= path.length) { walkTile = finalArea.getTile().getRandomizedTile(1); MethodProvider.logError("Walking Path selected is larger than available path. Using Random Tile."); MethodProvider.logError("Error: " + pathStep + " >= " + path.length); } else { walkTile = path[pathStep]; } To: if (pathStep + 1 >= path.length) { pathStep = 0; MethodProvider.log("Resetting path step"); } else { walkTile = path[pathStep]; } Within your try block
    3. Axolotl

      OZ Superheater

      Never tried the script, but if its quick based on mouse speed you can start the script -> pause script (sometimes the scripter adjusts mouse speed so you'll need to start first) -> Open Client Settings -> Change Mouse Speed to 40-60% (or whatever you feel looks most normal)
    4. Small bug, but just wanted to let you know, When walking through the white knight fortress it navigates rather strangely (I can customize it, but just wanted to let you know). Rather than opening the big gate and going up the stairs and talking to NPC, It will walk up the stairs, then down the stairs 1-3 times, then walk the perimeter of the building on the 2nd floor, opening every random door on the way. Then goes down the spiral staircase rather than up, then back up, and finally up the second spiral staircase before talking to Sir Amik. Like I said, not a huge deal, it makes it there. Besides the black knight fortress isn't mapped anyways and I mapped it myself. Just wanted to make it known that this walking is quite wonky here considering it is mapped. Cheers
    5. REPOST but considering you've posted in multiple places I hope you or someone else having this issues sees this: This happens to me sometimes on my mac due to firewall connection blocking. I've had to reset to default settings for the firewall connection access a few times as somehow Java manages to make its way onto the list but isn't actually shown, so I can't change it to Allow. Try resetting yours to default settings too and see if that fixes it
    6. Thanks for the updates @Pandemic I can't help but miss your old PP tho xD, love Futurama
    7. I feel like everyone is slightly paranoid right now. Relax. There has always been bans with botting it depends how you do it. Residential IP's always been most reliable but non of them are 100% guaranteed for osrs as many are recycled. In regards to DreamBot, I havent noticed any difference personally when it comes to detection. Jagex has definitely cracked down on injection based clients but DB has only recently even started with that, and its not allowed in published scripts for the SDN rn anyways, so I wouldn't stress about bans. If you're banned its cause of something you did or previously did on a different account that caused a flag of your ip. Like yeeter said they CAN detect its not their client but its the same flag using runelite would give, which most real players use, so work more on your end and stress less that its DB giving you bans, which means its something YOU can fix and can control
    8. You've always faced a higher risk of bans when using injections, even way back in the day. Many things that can be done through injections can't actually be done by a real player, like changing prayer or eating without moving mouse / changing tab. The OP likely was banned based on more than just not using official client, their IP was likely flagged or datacenter proxy being used. It's definitely possible to receive macro bans without botting but usually the person didn't change much up between previous botting offences aside from making a new account. I have multiple members / f2p accounts still botting strong that are months old, so its definitely not just client based.
    9. This happens to me sometimes on my mac due to firewall connection blocking. I've had to reset to default settings for the firewall connection access a few times as somehow Java manages to make its way onto the list but isn't actually shown, so I can't change it to Allow. Try resetting yours to default settings too and see if that fixes it
    10. Awesome updates as always DreamBot! Any chance the injections will allow for tab entities to be clicked without the tabbed switched? I know it has much higher ban rate but just curious. I.E: Changing prayer, using spec bar and casting spells without having to switch tab and wait for the widget to be active
    11. Thats why i focus on having my bot do all skills + 50QP currently + over 5 money making methods. Havent started my farm yet as i've been little mia from the botting scene but im close to running it, just got a few other requirements I need to polish off. Key is to create custom profiles on account creation and incremement its skill in each thing based on time its run X skill / task for (so it slowly gets better like a real person but simulates similar mouse / click movement patterns and all accounts patterns are different from each other). Havent had an account F2P or members banned in months and i use a much banned VPN lmfao.. IP's do matter but imo its more how the script works and if it triggers more flags than just the IP. If the bot simulates a real player its quite hard to catch
    12. Most likely the issue is based on what camelCase mentioned. You're likely not following the golden rule of 1 action per onLoop iteration and there is something else telling it to walk before the edgeville walk. I've never encountered an issue with walking but when I first started with dreambot I definitely broke the 1 action per onLoop rule and noticed some wonky behaviour
    13. You dont really need to do this, you can just save the ore youre currently mining into a GameObject and only allow it to mine when that GameObject is null. No need to use sleepUntil. However, for future purposes you can use a TimerTask to execute a new thread. Having a different thread can definitely be useful
    14. There are far more important things to worry about when it comes to bot detection, I don't think jagex is SS your client and analyzing it for paint. There isn't a reason for him to add it as dreambot controls that. If you want to disable the paint you can do it simply by toggling this:
    15. 1. The zoom shouldn't affect ban rates much. Click precision / mouse movements imo affect it more than camera movement. Having it zoomed out is actually how lots of players play based on the task they are doing also so I wouldn't really worry about that. 2. The paint is within the dreambot client and there is absolutely no way for jagex to see it, its purely cosmetic for the user using the script.
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